Thursday, March 15

The Hunger Games

I just finished reading the third  book (Mockingjay) last night. I read all three in about a week, which is probably the fastest I've ever read three books (especially considering I was working and taking care of Carter all at the same time). I found myself reading aloud to him when I just had to know what happened next. Good thing he's still little and had no idea when violent things started happening! He did think it was quite entertaining to hear me talk so much, and at the same time he was sorta like, "Hey Mom, what's up with the no picture thing?"

The books were such a quick read because the plot moves so fast. I love fast moving plots. That's the one thing that holds me back from actually liking Victorian literature. I really try to like it, and I want to like it (who doesn't like Pride & Prejudice?) But there's a part of me that gets extremely impatient while reading minuscule details about dresses, lace on said dresses, hair, hats, a fully painted setting, etc. Ugh. When I had to read Jane Eyre in school I literally wanted to gouge my eyes out. In a Victorian Lit class I took in college, I think the only two books I actually liked were David Copperfield and The Return of the Native. Alright, I liked Wuthering Heights too, but that's it. Just a measly three out of about a bagillion.

But The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay kept me up at all hours of the night. And when I'd finally put the book (or ipad) down, I would dream about Katniss and Peeta (for real). haha.

I'm excited and nervous for the movie to come out next week. I've watched the trailers and interviews and it seems like it will be good, but you never know. I think if I'm disappointed I'm going to have to read the book again to fix it!

I'm also a little annoyed at the guy playing Peeta. 
He doesn't look how I think Peeta should look. 
I picture Peeta as looking a little more like that blond boy in Blue Lagoon:  
Liam Hemsworth on the other hand, looks exactly like Gale should. And Katniss looks about how I had pictured her too. I get so thrown off when characters look different in movies than how I picture them in books. Need a Casting Director, anyone? Luckily, for me, I saw Twilight before I read the books so I didn't have to deal with it with those movies!

P.S. Thank you Dominique at Purple Kale for being the first one to recommend them to me!! : )


Anonymous said...

I am beyond exciting that you enjoyed them so much!! I am not able to make the midnight showing of the movie-but I am going on Friday night! Are you going to be able to go?

And I am like you, slow moving plots bother me. I am an English Lit major and I still have a time with some books. 1984 is one of my favs, but I had the hardest time with Joesph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Faulkner is another author that is really difficult for me to get into.

Ahhh! I just can't wait for this movie to come out!

Positively Amy said...

I was an English major too! Fun times. I am seeing it this weekend! My sister is seeing it on Friday so that she can come either Saturday or Sunday to watch Carter while Tom and I go see it! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you watched the movie yet??? I really enjoyed it, although there were some parts that I thought were rushed.

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