Sunday, September 6

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Monday, August 31


I'm sad it's almost time for school. I'm not a sappy, tear-streaked mess about it being time for school, but I'm also not in the get them out of here! camp either. I'm somewhere meandering in between. I'm ready to be back in a routine again (and if the number of time-outs is directly proportional to how badly one needs a routine), Carter is too.

But don't you always feel like you didn't quite squeeze enough fun into the summer? Maybe it's because we started our summer off on a huge high note (Disney), but now that it's the end, I don't feel like we did all that much. There were playground trips and lots and lots of swimming days; we got to see a lot of family, but we didn't go to the beach even once. ONCE! Nope!

We have a camping trip coming up in a few weeks, so in my mind it's summer vacation until the end of September. Carter's never gone camping. And I think in the decade that Tom and I have been together we've gone precisely once, for two nights. And it involved way too much hiking. I'm looking forward to it because we'll be with family. And I love camping only for the reason that Tom hates it as much as I do and so in its inherent badness it will be good. We'll be on the same page (and Carter, being the exact combination of the two of us, will be, too. I'm too hot, where's the air conditioner? I need to go to the bathroom! I don't want to walk there! I need a fan. You packed the wrong toothpaste. My air mattress is too squishy. The ground is too hard! The bugs are biting me! I'm itchy! I need Claritin!)

So, to document our summer. We found a turtle,

relaxed on the hammock (this was early summer, hence the blanket),

ate A LOT of raspberries,

got to see Carter's shy face plenty of times,

and actually put all the makeup on one day. Hey, typical highlighting/contour photo.  

For 99.9% of the summer I either wore no make-up at all, or I wore Jane Iredale tinted moisturizer, IT cosmetics concealer, bronzer and the greatest mascara of all time.

Also, if your kids are in need of a new show, this is a cute one:

Carter's been into it lately.

I personally have finally just finished season 6 of Parks & Rec, so that's where my free time has gone. I want to get this for my sister: 

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Monday, August 3

JULY: What We Did

Just in case I ever want to remember what we did in July of 2015:

+ Lots of swimming. Carter's been using a bubble instead of his puddle jumper and he only needs two bubbles now. He can swim a little bit on his own without any bubble at all, but I need to be right next to him. It's exciting to see his progress though. He changes so much just throughout the week!

+Reflected on our Disney Trip. haha I never wrote about it in June, but that's when we went! It was so  much fun. Carter is a ride lover. His favorite rides were:

1. Splash Mountain (I think we went on it 5 times, literally)

2. Thunder Mountain (only took him on it once because I thought he was going to fly out)
3. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (we were lucky enough to sit in the front row!)
4. Tower of Terror (I know, you think I'm a bad parent. He doesn't mind the dark and he thought the whole beginning part was funny. You know, the old T.V. the "scary" voice, the building. He giggled through the whole thing. The success of this ride is totally personality-dependent though.)

I have pictures of the other rides somewhere, but they're in the abyss of the hundreds of photos of our trip, so this will have to do. Below is my poorly timed shot of Buzz Lightyear trying to give Tom a jump high five.

We saw a green army man lurking in the shadows and got a hug and an autograph without waiting in line. It made Carter's morning at Hollywood Studios.

This face that Carter makes melts me. It's his excited/shy/embarrassed face and we got a lot of these poses--especially with princesses! So bashful, that one.

When we got home, lazy days were on the schedule. Disney is tons of fun, but it takes a lot out of you. All that walking, sun, and excitement.

So we got ourselves some new Netflix favorites.

Carter and Tom have turned early Saturday morning into a ritual of Dragons: Race to the Edge. Carter got a box with Hiccup and Toothless masks, a blow up sword, fleece blanket and all other sorts of cool dragon stuff so he was sucked in immediately.

Tom has always been a fan of How to Train Your Dragon so he's all over the new Saturday routine.

My new show has been Parks & Rec. I know I'm late to this one, but it's fantastic. I'd recommend starting on the second or third season because the first season is a little slow. It was tough to get into at first, but when Tom told me to skip ahead I couldn't stop watching.  I put it on my iPad and balance it precariously on the coffee maker (don't do that) when I do the dishes. To me, dishes are one of the most painful chores so I need a distraction. Folding laundry is another Netflix-necessary chore.

It's one of those shows that leaves you in a better mood after you've watched it. Especially if your kitchen is clean when the episode ends. Clean kitchen always equals happy mood, at least for me.

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Monday, June 22

June Happenings

Earlier this month we had two birthday parties for Carter's 4th birthday! One with his preschool friends and another with family. Both were so much fun! We got a moon bounce and I think several of the adults had as much fun on it as Carter and friends did.

Carter had his last  day of preschool (except he has another year next year). It's so bittersweet to see how much kids grow up in a school year.

Look at that baby face in the left photo. Come back!!!! : (

In other news, Tom and I finally got to play Cards Against Humanity. We've had it since Christmas, but it's one of those things that if it's just two of you, you read the cards and chuckle quietly and say, "This would really funny with a group." It's just not the same with two people. You need at least 4, more is probably even better (but probably you should be pretty good friends, otherwise it might just be awkward).

So I always give you a little update of what we've been watching on Netflix. Best thing I've watched this month is Granite Flats. It's so different than every other show and it's definitely family-friendly. I  love watching it on my iPad in the kitchen while I do the dishes, and I don't have to worry about whether Carter's playing nearby. Not one you have to pause or turn down the volume when kids walk into the room. Older kids would probably enjoy the storyline too! My dad and sister got me hooked on it. I think my dad wishes this was his childhood (and judging by his personality, it was probably somewhat close).

I also watched Cake last night, and while it will certainly leave you feeling a little more depressed than when you started it, it's worth the watch.

I found out David Sedaris is going to be within reasonable driving distance for a reading in the fall. I'm giddy. I hope my mom comes with me. On more than one occasion we have relived reading about his performance art days and we can't even handle ourselves. My mom went to art school so she's all too familiar.  I wish he liked taking pictures because I'd be all over posting it here. Maybe I can snap a photo near his "No pictures, please" signage? Have you read Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls? I wake Tom up way too often at night because I can't contain my laughter. Reading funny material at night ensures waking up in a good mood. That's my philosophy, anyway. The first book I ever read of his (Me Talk Pretty One Day) gave me ab spasms from laughing so hard.

And lastly, we leave for Disney World TOMORROW! I can't contain my excitement. Carter says he's excited, but I don't think he fully understands the magic of WDW. He'll figure it out soon enough! He says he's most excited about roller coasters, and after that he's excited to meet the characters. This boy does love his fast rides. Last summer he went on his first roller coaster and instantly threw his hands up in the air and screamed. He learns fast. We're going to be two peas in a pod on rides and I can't wait. We'll see how Tom's legs fit on the rides. His knees are probably going to be somewhere in the vicinity of his ears.

Enough rambling. I need to finish packing.

And a soccer photo and a flea market find to end your read.

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Tuesday, June 9

Father's Day Gift Ideas

So I don't know about any of you, but I struggle with coming up with ideas for Father's Day. So the genius of is exactly what I needed. Lots of cool, unique ideas all in one place. How many polos and random tools does a dad really need? Branch out!

I was all over this mini keg growler for Tom because he's recently gotten into a micro brewery near us where you wait in line for hours just to get a few (large) bottles. So I thought an accessory for that new habit couldn't hurt. Also, it's going to be perfect for all the fires in our back yard that we'll have this summer! 

For the following reasons, I feel like SUCH a real adult now. Not just a 20-something adult, but like maybe verging on 40, even though I'm not actually quite there yet.
1. Our favorite activity is reading by the fire.
2. Our grass is not growing well this year and I'm genuinely upset about it. I always thought you had to be retired before you started caring so much about your grass--not true.

Also, I'm really impressed by how heavy the cap to this growler is. Ha! I thought it was deserving of a photo all on its own. I'm terrible with estimating, but this thing's gotta weight a good full pound or so.

Other great ideas for Father's Day:
The Handpresso!
Mule Mugs
Stainless, Stemless wine glasses
And space pens are always cool because who doesn't find themselves needing to write upside down or through whipped cream on the regular? provided this product for review. This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own (and Tom's).

Sunday, May 31

May Happenings

May is always my favorite month. Carter turned 4 on the 21st! We celebrated by taking him to the aquarium in Boston. It was appropriate because lately he's been all about chatting about our wedding and asking 1,000 questions about it. That was where we had our reception and our anniversary was the next day on the 22nd (our sixth!).

The excitement of the aquarium was short-lived (Carter asked to go home like an hour into it). Such is life with a 4 year old. Their ideas are so much better than yours. But so far I love 4. Just like I've loved every age. Although 3 and 4 have been my absolute favorite. The best part so far of being a parent, for me,  is the inquisitive, hilarious conversations. The boy makes me laugh hysterically at least three times a day, and he's always surprising me with what he knows and the depth of his questions. Every night Tom and I spend at least 10-15 minutes just talking about all the funny things Carter said that day.

After the aquarium we went Legal's for lunch since it's right across the street and then we ventured to Quincy Market to grab some cupcakes for Carter's birthday. He chose Oreo ones from Carol Ann's Bake Shop. They were good!

On our anniversary we got to spend a bunch of time together while my parents had Carter. We went out to eat and since we are so adventurous we even spent some time at Home Depot and Barnes & Noble, where I picked up this new David Sedaris book. The nights I read this book before falling asleep, I wake up in a better mood the next day. This is true for me with both David Sedaris and Seinfeld. I've probably said this north of 70 times, but it can't be reinforced enough. If neither of these two pedestals of hilarity are in your life, I don't know how you go on.

Speaking of things that entertain me. Have you seen Grace and Frankie on Netflix yet? It was new for May and I binge watched the whole season. That's the only way I watch anything. I don't typically have time for lots of extra TV during my regular schedule, so on slow days I just pack in as much as I can. ; )

Another thing I'm excited about on Netflix is season 3 of OITNB. It will be here on June 12th! Ah, don't all scream at once. It's another binge-watcher. I just read an article about the phenomenon of binge-watching. It was interesting, but I didn't read enough of it (or read it deeply enough) to really relay anything of use to you. Sorry about that. Such is internet skimming.

On that note, I shall leave you with this:

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Monday, April 27

Netflix for Dummies

This post is part of a year-long partnership with the Netflix #StreamTeam

Right now I'm assuming you use Netflix profiles. You know, a different little avatar for each person in your family? Well have you ever accidentally used your own profile for your kids' shows and then the only recommendations you get are Care Bears and Caillou? And does it make you want to throw things?

So good news. Say you accidentally play Octonauts on your profile instead of Little Jimmy's and begin to curse the day you were born. Well now (and for a while now, but maybe you're just figuring this out like me), you can log into your Netflix account through a browser and go to your profile's history and delete individual shows from said history. So next time Doc or Grumpy bear lands on your "shows recommended for you" get into that history and delete those kids' shows so you have something left that is actually yours.

This month we have some new favorites on Netflix. 

Carter watched Playmobil's SUPER4 for the first time. We had a little viewing party and he wanted to dress up like Ruby the Pirate; so we made that happen (with our own interpretation). He was basically a middle-aged man version of Ruby the Pirate. 

My favorite right now is hands down Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I don't know why I didn't watch this sooner! I watched all 13 episodes in 3 days. (Don't judge, I didn't sit around on the couch all day for three days.) Every time I did the dishes--which surprisingly is a lot of times in two days with a 3 person family--I threw it on. Put it on while I picked up around the house, while I put makeup on; you get the idea. I also definitely stayed up too late watching it too. Episode 5 is where things start to get particularly hilarious.

Tom's been watching Daredevil. He thinks it's awesome. I have no further comment because I haven't watched it with him. I'm a total feminist (females are strong has hell....hahaha) and I hate the idea of "boy" and "girl" things, but in my mind there are totally boy and girl shows. And Daredevil falls under the former category for me, so no thanks.

What have you been watching?
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