Monday, November 17

What We Watch: Netflix and Veggie Tales Live!

This post is part of a year-long partnership with the Netflix #StreamTeam. I received a one year Netflix streaming subscription and an iPad mini for participating. I've been a paying customer of Netflix for 8 years--I'd be lost without her.  Thanks for reading!

So I talked about it a lot in the past, but we haven’t been cable people for a while. Technically, we still have basic cable, but other than a random Kelly & Michael when I have the time (twice a year?) it’s obsolete in this house.
Netflix is our go-to and has been for years…and since it’s something I legitimately use every day or at least multiple times a week, I’ve decided to partner up with Netflix to be a part of the Stream Team because it felt natural and it’s something I like talking about anyway (did you see my last post?).
So onto what we watch. I am a documentary-ivore. I devour them. All types, but mostly health related ones. Here's a little list of what we're watching currently. If you're in need of a "mental health day" (where you don't get out of sweatpants and just sit around binge watching shows and movies all day--let this be your guide).
Amy's Favorites
Documentaries: (from the past year): Blackfish, Bridegroom, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, and that weird alien conspiracy one for it’s ridiculous/awesomeness. Also GMO OMG (this made me cry 3 times--emotional much?), TINY (I want one!!!!) and Forks Over Knives/Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue (basically I like any health documentary with Dr. Fuhrman in it. He's my celebrity crush. haha!)
Drama: Obviously OITNB, Scandal, Call the Midwife (ah! Even with no medical interest whatsoever you will still love this show) and Parenthood (addicting and you will relate even if you don't have kids)
Classics: North & South. When I read this novel, I wanted it to be a movie. And then I realized it was five years later and I’m so happy I found it. I watched all four “episodes” in one sitting. If you don’t watch them in one sitting and stay up until 3am, you are nuts.
Comedy: Our Idiot Brother (if you need something stupid and hilarious to watch)

Tom’s current favorites

Dexter, The Blacklist (I love this too)

Carter’s current favorites

Veggie Tales anything, Phineas & Ferb, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. 

I find Phineas and Ferb to be hilarious. There has been more than one occasion where Tom and I have watched a couple episodes after Carter has gone to bed. I know, we are so exciting it is mind-boggling.

But back to Veggie Tales; they're starting a Netflix series on Thanksgiving! We are knee-bouncing excited. We took Carter to Veggie Tales Live a couple of weeks ago and it was maybe the most exciting thing to ever happen to him. Veggie Tales to him is like Sesame Street to other preschoolers. He's IN LOVE. I love Veggie Tales too because every little movie is very morals-based and there's always a good lesson to learn (for adults too!)

Here are a couple of photos of our Veggie Tales Live trip. Carter was so involved in the show that he barely moved a muscle. He sat stiff as a board for 2 hours straight. That has never happened before (and very likely will never happen again). We were super lucky and got to sit in the front row (had to splurge for VIP tickets since this was the first time VTL was in New England--at least that we know of!) Worth it. Especially since we got some bubble-maker action too.

Thursday, November 13


I've been making some (good) changes lately. Remember how I used to say I hate to cook? Ever since doing the Whole 30 I haven't wanted to stop! I've been making a lot of recipes from here lately and once I get through those I'm going to grab her book from Amazon. If you make anything at all from there, make the whole wheat tortillas for Mexican night! You will absolutely not regret that choice. And if you do, feel free to send me hate mail/comments.

Also I feel like a rock star for reading this right now and making bone broth on the regular. My sister-in-law and I went to a talk last night by Gary Taubes and Sunday we're going to the Natural Living Expo in Mass! It's so fun to have people who can go to these things happily with you.

Other things I've been doing lately:

Ordered some water kefir grains for making water kefir (since Carter can't have dairy), ordered some whole wheat sourdough starter because I made homemade bread for my first time ever about a week ago! So proud. This from a girl who basically could "cook" salad and tacos before.

If this makes you want to throw internet daggers at me, that is totally fine. But I feel motivated right now so I don't really want to talk about anything else! Let's check out my bread, shall we:

This was the honey whole wheat from 100 Days of Real Food.

Lately I've just been trying to do things that make me happy. I worked fewer hours last month than I usually do and while there were some days that I thought to myself what am I doing with my life??? the rest of the time it felt really productive and happy to make healthy dinners for Tom and Carter, to actually maintain the cleanliness of the house (I mean, it's not perfect by any means, but a huge improvement from the typical tornado-style weeks!), have candles burning, get rid of a bunch of clothes and junk we don't need, and actually taking the time to have regular dance parties with Carter Boy. Those are our favorite. Usually we start with the Gummy Bear song, move on to Geronimo, add a little Taylor Swift (Shake it Off, obviously) and end it with some loud singing to Steal My Girl and Journey (Carter's favorite). Anyone else super into dance parties for indoor exercise with kids? Tons of fun, I tell you. Other times we run in circles around the house and make Gemma chase us. It's always a good time (but take off your socks or wipeouts and stitches will likely follow).

Do what makes you happy! I don't know why we (in general, and our family personally) make our lives so busy that we can't enjoy any of it. We're trying to slow down and I think it's a good goal to have.

Tuesday, October 28

Gandolf Spider Shoes

Am I the only one who hates talenti gelato? It's SO sweet. I mean there's good ice cream sweet and then there's so-sweet-I-want-to-gag sweet. Why does everyone love it? It's really not that good.

Carter whipped an old curtain rod out of the closet the other day and told me he is Gandolf. He's so awesome.

My worst fear happened the other night. I was lying in bed staring into the darkness that would be the ceiling if I could peer directly through the darkness...when a super fast, scurrying spider crawled up my shoulder and across my chest when I violently flicked it away and snapped on my bedside light. And then it scurried UNDER the sheet under my duvet and I almost heart attacked as I whipped the blankets back and slammed the &!?@"$#*! spider with a book. 

What was he thinking? Had I been 40 years older and my arteries 80% more blocked I could have DIED. Then how would he feel? I showed him. Have fun scurrying around in spider heaven (hell).
Also, we have a lady bug epidemic in our house right now. I wish them all a grizzly, slow death of spinning in my vacuum cleaner. Not the biggest insect fan currently. 

On a brighter note, check out my shoes. These were from my grandma and now that I've displayed my current little collection, I can't wait to hunt for more at the flea market next year. They're all over the place. I collect these little shoes (and tea cups!) and Carter collects little porcelain salt and pepper shakers. I know. Best flea marketers ever. 

Sunday, October 5

Mini Milestones

This post is part of a year-long partnership with the Netflix #StreamTeam. I received a one year Netflix streaming subscription and an iPad mini for participating. I've been a paying customer of Netflix for 8 years--I'd be lost without her.  Thanks for reading!

"Don't worry mama, I'm not getting ice cream," he says as he opens the freezer. His little hand dips in and pulls out a frozen muffin. He sets it on the counter and opens the corner cabinet for a purple plastic Ikea plate. He unwraps the muffin, puts it on the plate and walks over to the microwave atop the counter on the other side of the kitchen. He opens the door, slides the plate in on his tip toes, slams the door and carefully presses the "off" button--shortly followed by the "30 second" button when nothing happens the first time.

He waits patiently for the beep, grabs his plate, wobbles it around in the air and takes it to his little red Land of Nod chair for a nice TV time snack. 

What am I even here for? Apparently all can be handled with me otherwise occupied. Basically, he's an adult now.

Luckily he still lets me stick him in a baby swing once in a while. I'm all right with him growing up a little--but not all at once.

This is how he plays now. It's all about pretending (and I love it).

Once a month he naps. It looks like this:

*  *  * 

His hair is shorter now. Tom and I decided to try to cut it ourselves this weekend--how hard can it be? Harder than one would think. As Tom wielded the scissors, I said "don't worry, we'll just take him to get it fixed if it doesn't look good. He won't care." And he didn't.

I have premonitions, what can I say. "You didn't do a great job, Daddy." Welp. That was it.

We took him to get it fixed and it had to go shorter than planned. Our determination isn't over (at least Tom's isn't). All three of us thought it was a jolly good time. Carter, perched on a kitchen chair with the iPad and a lolly pop, ready for round two.

*  *  *

Tonight Carter had a hard time falling asleep. His routine now is to lay in his bed with the door open. while we're somewhere else upstairs--either our room or the office. Tonight he scratched his finger nails against the wall as I worked in the office.  "Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?" and then "Hey daddy, I have to go tell mommy something real quick." He hopped out of bed, flung open the office door and just stared at me with a grin. 

About 42 scenarios (all varying slightly) played out until, "Do you need someone to lay with you tonight, buddy?"

"Bofe of you."

And so we did. And Gemma. But then as Carter turned to press his nose to mine, we locked eyes and got the giggles. I don't even know what made us start, but we laughed in unison and for the first time I felt like he was exactly like me. We wheezed at the same time, sucked in deep breaths simultaneously; took a brief pause, and lost control again. It was one of my favorite moments as a mom. Acting completely like a kid and stopping my three-year-old from getting to bed on a school night with a field trip the next day.

*  *  *

What "mini milestones" are you celebrating? Netflix has a cool little list of shows and movies that correspond to lots of "firsts." Here are a few ideas:

New Sibling: The Hive: S01E01, Babee's Room 
First Pet: Beethoven 
First Move: 
The Croods
First Trick-or-TreatJake and the Never Land Pirates: S02E15, Tricks, Treats and Treasure! 

I am really excited to be a part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. Look out for monthly posts on what we're watching!


Sunday, September 28

Pumpkin Boots

There I was, sitting on my off-white leather couch that everybody (Tom) hates except me, pondering how wonderful it would be if hard cider and pumpkin beer could be married together in the most delicious concoction ever to grace my pallet. Because certainly, I thought, I cannot be the only one bestowed with such genius as this.

So I did what anyone would do in this sort of situation. I googled. And there it was, ACE pumpkin cider. So naturally, I went out and bought it—it’s just as good as one would imagine, likening the beloved PSL to the {presumed} taste of dog water.

That short little nugget is all I have to say. It was 80 today and I loved every bit of it, but I'm officially declaring a welcome to fall weather (and winter for that matter). Me and my beloved cider and new boots are ready for you.

Wednesday, September 17

Whole 30

So this Whole 30 thing. I did it. This is my last day. I’m feeling awesome. I did it in hopes to improve my asthma and eczema and I have to say that I’ve noticed a difference with my eczema, but my asthma is just a tad bit better (although it’s not that bad to begin with so I don’t have anything to complain about).

Since I don’t want to be all wordy about this whole 30, I just want to point out a few things I’ve learned from it in case my future self falls off the clean eating, non-processed food wagon someday.

+I actually don’t hate cooking as much as I thought I did (as long as the recipes are semi-simple).
+My favorite thing ever to eat is sweet potato fries (I even had them for breakfast twice).
+Which leads me to, it makes you eat weird things for breakfast because you crave them as soon as you get up (today was a huge red pepper with homemade dill dip—definitely weird, but as soon as I opened my fridge at 8:30 in the morning that red pepper was calling to me. Ludicrous.)
+I’m totally fine with breaking a few “rules” even though the whole point of the Whole 30 is to not break any. I guess I have my own version. My bends to the rules were: I drank hard cider about 3 times, I ate pizza 3 times, I ate popcorn like a bagillion times because this is all about a lifestyle for me and there isn’t a world that exists where I don’t eat popcorn whenever I want. I get the loose kernels and pop them in a brown paper bag (rolled up) in the microwave. The things you remember from watching Dr. Oz 5 years ago…
+added sugar is. in. everything. (I already knew this, but it was totally reinforced)
+I like black coffee (and coffe with just a little unsweetened almond milk too)
+I like homemade: mayo, ketchup, dips.
+carrageenan is the devil (I switched from carrageenan-laden almond milk to brands without and I noticed a difference in how I feel in the mornings). This is one thing I just can’t make at home (too lazy, my blender is on its way out). The 365 brand (at Whole Foods) and the Nature’s Promise Stop & Shop brands of unsweetened almond milk are both carrageenan free (just in case you wanted to know).

This was one thing in the past that I knew I should avoid, but just didn’t have the energy to avoid. That sounds ridiculous. But there are so many health-conscious things to be aware of and sometimes I have to just pull a Manya (Seinfield, The Pony Remark) and stand up and say “I’ve had enough!”

Sometimes you just need to wait a little to make certain changes and that’s OK. Wait until you’re ready. You don’t have to overhaul everything all at once. I’ve had a 7 year journey so far of trying to be more natural and healthful with the way I live my life (foods I eat, cleaning products I use, etc) and it just doesn’t happen overnight. I'm still not all the way there. My next thing to tackle is homemade probiotics (water kefir grains here I come!!)

+Lastly, I can’t live without Ezekiel bread.
I’m doing the Whole 30 again, but my next “rule” to break is eating Ezekiel bread! Like I said—lifestyle.

Also, on the plus side I lost 4.8 lbs (and inches--so we're talking not just water weight like you would with some kind of crash diet) and I didn't even feel like I missed out on anything. Now I'm actually 3 (or is it 4) days into my second round and I don't feel deprived at all. That's why I don't even know what day I'm on, I could care less because I just want to keep on going!

However, we'll be going to the Big E (google it) in the near future and I'm totally eating fried pickles and clam cakes from the RI house. Sorry, Whole 30, we'll be taking a couple hour break.

Monday, July 28

So, Do You Know What's Weird?

So I wrote out this long, boring post about how I used to love blogging, but then all that blogging entails (sponsorships, reviews, partnerships of any kind) sucked the life right out of me. It's a post you've read a dozen times before--so I highlighted that biatch and hit delete. It felt good.

I want to write more. I wish I had a writing group to go to. Or a book club! Wouldn't that be fun?! I think I need to find space in my life for something like that once a week. Thinking of joining a book club honestly gives me excited butterflies in my stomach. Either I'm old and boring, or...? Is there an alternative to that?

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