Wednesday, January 27

Free Jewelry, Because I Love You

Let's have a little Q&A today, shall we?

Me: Do you like jewelry?
You: Yes, duh.

Me: Do you get sick of wearing the same jewelry after a week or two?
You: Yes, duh.

Solution: RocksBox

Sign up to get 1 month of free jewelry to wear, and send it back (also free) when you're sick of it.
Use code: positivelyamyxoxo

I'm loving mine. On an unrelated note, I also love my Los Gatos Patagonia vest (also pictured). I don't take it off. Ever. Ask Tom.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Think happy thoughts. Work hard. Say hi to me on Twitter.
Or don't do any of these things. It's up to you.

Monday, January 25

Thought for the Day

Thursday, December 31

5 of My Favorite Podcasts

podcasts, top podcasts

Who here listens to podcasts? I just love them. I'm definitely party auditory learner and part visual, so I love using time in the car, times when I'm doing simple tasks on the computer, or those minutes (hours) when I can't fall asleep at night to learn something new or to just simply clear my mind from my daily to-do lists.

(any of these can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, the podcast app on your iPhone/iPad, but I'll link to the sites for them)

1. My first favorite is definitely Serial. I'm sure lots of you have listened to this already. I just think the producers of Serial are SUCH great story tellers. I couldn't tear myself away from the first season, and started listening to episode after episode of the podcast "Undisclosed" just for more in-depth info on the case. I won't say anything in case you're new to it, but I want to! Now, on the second season, I am immediately sucked into a story I didn't think I'd be that into. I read a bit about Bowe Bergdahl on the news, but never was overly drawn in. I think because based on anything I read in the news, I couldn't really tell if only one side was being reported, etc, so I kind of just blocked it out because, what do I know about POWs and deserters? Nothing. That's what I love about Serial though. The way they explain foreign topics so seamlessly and make it insanely interesting at the same time. Like the way they interview people from all sides, involved in every which way. It's so cool.

2. This is kind of a random one (for me), but I really like The Art of Charm. It's definitely geared toward men, but I find a lot of the business focused podcasts to be full of useful information, and they get to the point quickly. They also interview some really interesting people and I love when I've listened to or watched a TED talk and then they interview the same person. Like Scott Dinsmore. I watched his Ted Talk on finding your passions and then, wouldn't you know, he showed up on The Art of Charm. Worlds colliding! Love it.

3. Primal Potential. I like Elizabeth's "no nonsense" attitude and her straight talk about healthy eating. I also love her focus on creating healthy habits and completely abandoning anything resembling a diet. It's been a go-to for me for a while (even especially on days when I eat Ben & Jerry's and don't feel bad about it).

4. "Stuff You Missed in History Class"--so I missed a lot in history class. The only reason I got good grades in history throughout high school were because I could whip out a 12 pager on Teddy Roosevelt like nobody's business. Did I pay attention in class? Nope. Did I think history was relevant? No way. Did I secretly paint my nails under my desk? You betcha. Luckily test grades were not all that mattered. Thank God for papers and homework assignments. Who ever thought I'd say that?

Anyway, in college I took a history class my freshman year and this was the turning point regarding my feelings toward history. I had the greatest professor who looked like he had just jumped out of a safari five minutes ago and he could tell a story about Alexander Great like it was the next blockbuster. See, my thing is storytelling. If you can't turn history into a good story, how am I supposed to find value in it? Names and dates are meaningless to me without a good tale to back it up. So in this class, I learned all the things (since in all years prior to my 19th year of life I had ignored all that was thrust upon me). So now I'm playing catch up and I just can't get enough of Holly and Tracy. They're my favorite. They're just so into it, all the time. And somehow they make shows about ax murders a little...giggle worthy? Is that okay? If you have ever uttered the phrase "history is in the past," this one's for you.

5. The Moth. This is another story-telling one, go figure. This one was a recommendation from my sister-in-law and I love it. It's like slam poetry, but it's slam stories. People memorize five minute stories and perform them at a story slam. These stories are all true and from their own experiences. It makes me nervous just to think about it. I really want to go to one! Not putting my name in the hat though. Sorry.

Which podcasts are your favorite?

Thursday, December 10

I Love Talking Babies

This post is brought to you by Sam's Club and the #SamsClubBaby. I personally, really like this video. Haha!

Who doesn't like a good talking baby ad? Needed to share this because I could watch it all day. Oh, Sam's Club, great job. If you need a laugh, get to watching. That's all for today, friends.

Monday, December 7

Netflix Giveaway + 4 Non-Clutter Gift Ideas


So we all watch Netflix here, right? Well today someone's going to win 6 months of free Netflix just in time for Christmas movie watching and the new season of "Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt." Lucky you. Well the winner will technically be announced on Tuesday 12/15, but who's counting down? If you want to skip my genius of a post--go right ahead and scroll down to the bottom. It's not going to hurt my feelings at all.

First things first. 

I want to provide you with 4 Non-Clutter Gift Ideas. Because after Christmas things just get messy. Like messy. And nothing has a place and it's just chaos everywhere.

1. Warm, fuzzy blankets. You can't have too many of these. And they belong draped over a comfy chair or your sofa. No putting away necessary. Also, if you've got a lot of 'em...the linen closet? Easy.

2. Slippers. Probably the last time you got slippers was last Christmas. And if you wore them outside to take out the trash and maybe even to shovel a step or two (even though you swore you wouldn't), they're probably looking pretty sad right now and you could use a revamp.

*Note, #1 and #2 would go fantastic with 6 months of Netflix. You'd have to make some hot chocolate too. Not cocoa. That word's gross.

3. Restaurant gift cards. Because who doesn't want to go out to eat on someone else's treat? I'll take a sushi one, please.

4. Something super tickets for zip line canopy tours. My sister, my mom, and I would have so much fun with this. And this is as scary as I get without sky diving. They did it, sky diving I mean. I couldn't. Like I couldn't and I also wouldn't. When they went I was pregnant with Carter so I didn't even have to come up with an excuse.

Monday, November 16

10 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

I am SO SICK of gift guides. To counteract all the holiday gift guides I'm already seeing (even pre-Thanksgiving) here's a list of non-toy/pointless material object gift ideas for kids. I'm not saying all toys are bad--we have  fun with so many of them and we have a playroom-ful, so no judgment here. But I want to make an effort to be less concerned with the material things and more focused on enjoying each other's company this holiday season. Maybe I'm hopping on the REI bandwagon, but that's fine by me.

A few notes on my ideas (these aren't sponsored):
-One monthly box subscription that I think would be great for kids is We Cook, but there is also Citrus Lane, Kiwi Crate, etc.
-Carter's taking a theater class, which is different, and he loves it! So there's an idea.
-Kid salons are so fun. I take Carter to one and every time he gets his hair cut, they spike the front with gel and make it green. So this works for boys too! The one near us also does manis/pedis in big pink chairs. So cute. 
-Shows are the greatest. Disney on Ice is awesome. There's also The Wiggles, Peppa Pig has a stage show, Veggie Tales Live is fantastic; you could look into kids' concerts, etc. So many possibilities. I could throw out a cliche like "the sky is the limit," "the possibilities are endless," but you get the idea, I think. Right?

So anyway, what are YOUR non-toy ideas? What has gone over well in the past? Tweet your non-toy ideas to me @Positively_Amy with #NoMoreToys

I almost hit a tree and PINCHme review

So we all know how I love to get mail, right? Not junk mail. I hate that. It makes me want to go on strike like Kramer and just never collect my mail again. But packages are totally different.

So Carter was safely buckled into his car seat, I had my seat belt on, I put the car into reverse and (thankfully) *inched* backward down our driveway while backing into our turnaround. You know the whole diagonal reverse thing? When suddenly, a package...a package(!) caught my eye as it rested on the stone wall.

Unbeknownst to me, as I was busy rejoicing at the package lying in wait, my foot had not positioned itself correctly on the brake pedal and we were still inching backward into our turnaround, when I heard squeaking on the side of the car. Panicked, I slammed on the brakes and shot my eyes into the back window where I was greeted by a tree, not but two inches away, seemingly ESPing to me, well that was close!!

So we didn't hit the tree. The squeaky branches alerted me and saved us (well I don't know "saved us" is the correct phrase. We were probably driving at exactly 1 mile per hour, so backing into the tree wouldn't exactly have been catastrophic). But, darn you packages, for being so exciting.

So what was this package, you ask? Well it was a PINCHme box of course, filled with delightful samples of every kind. This box was a success because there was a good mix of things I like (nail polish and popcorn, particularly) and things for Carter (Elmo sensitive shampoo, the popcorn--we'll fight over that later).

So the fun-ness of PINCHme is that it's a free sample box that comes to your door for your mail receiving pleasure. And what do they want in return? After you receive your box, you fill out a short survey with your thoughts on the products. So if you like getting packages and you have thoughts in your brain, PINCHme is for you.

If you do not like getting packages and/or you do not have opinions about anything, skip it.

And here was Carter being super strong and lifting the box. We opened it in the pre-school drop-off line because what else is there to do at drop-off?

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