Monday, June 11

I Survived {the warrior dash}

Yup, you heard it, I'm not dead. It was tons of fun too! As promised, I have some beautious pictures from the event. It was a 5k with lots of mud and somewhat scary obstacles.

Here we are before:

We made our t shirts using this tutorial that I posted earlier. 

I was most scared of this one:

But here is proof that I did it:

I was scared of crossing at the top, but it actually wasn't that bad!

Next we jumped over some fire

Then crawled through some mud

And here are the after photos:

This was our serious pose. Usually I can't pull these off. I think I lost it about a millisecond after the pictures was snapped. 
They gave us free beer (I drank like a 1/4 of it and threw it away. I'm just not cool enough to be able to drink beer after a run, yuck...maybe if it was a margarita....mmm)

Carter wearing my awesome warrior hat

Shoe donations. We threw ours in there.

And the medal:

Who's doing it with me next year?! I think I have Tom convinced. So excited! I'm also doing a similar one for women only in September called the Diva Dash. Look into it!!

Hope you enjoyed my muddy pictures : ) Off to work on some makeup posts!

And on a random note, my sister drew this over the weekend. I'm IN LOVE with it.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY if you haven't already!!


Anonymous said...

ROCK ON AMY!!! I am totally jealous of you! You definitely got the Hot Momma Award for the year!!!

I also love that you are the muddiest out of the three!

You have definitely inspired me to make this my next goal. Everyone should do this at least once in their life!

SOOOO glad you shared photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, and I would say you definitely earned that cold one. That's exactly what I would have been doing!

Miranda said...

That looks insanely fun!

Clara said...

WOW! That looked messy and hard and fun all at the same time!
My jaw literally dropped when I saw the picture of you all IN the mud!!!
That is one big accomplishment!!!!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

this is crazy. the "jumping over the fire" thing ... I was just about ready to comment "oh hell no". but then I saw the beer ... I would jump over fire for a frosty cold beverage.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree!

Jessica Rabitto / chaya bunny said...

Grats! I've been trying to train myself for a 5k run and then up my endurance for other physically intense activities.. I want to get in on a Warrior Dash someday. It seems like it would be a great test of endurance and pretty fun too, since i'm competitive lol.

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