Friday, July 6

Beetle in my {yoga} Pants

No, seriously. There we were, on a mini-vaca in New Hampshire. I was walking from the house to the campfire in some yoga pants and a sweatshirt (this isn't different than any other day). I kept feeling something hit my leg. I thought maybe the baby monitor in my sweatshirt pocket was tapping my leg (this was a big sweatshirt my friends, so yes, my phone pretty much reached was a red Ohio State sweatshirt from Steve & Barry's from years ago. But that's not important).

I kept feeling my leg, but nothing. This happened a good 3-4 times. Finally, when I was sitting down next to the fire, it happened again. This time, though, it couldn't have been the monitor because it wasn't in my pocket (critical thinking, I know). I moved like lightning to feel what is was and...CRUNCH...eww, that unmistakable crunching sound when you know you've just squeezed a bug within a millimeter of its life (although I was hoping it was good and dead, don't hate me). I screamed, made my mom roll up my pant leg and take the creature out. This was all done with my eyes squeezed shut and I repeated over and over "don't tell me what it is!!!" I was afraid it would be a spider and that my fear phobia of them would be even worse (if this is possible, it's doubtful). Well it was the darned beetle. It had no business being there. None.

We also got Carter's 12 month photos back. Here are a few (he's way cuter than the squished beetle from my pants).

Whoooaaa. That was way too many. But that doesn't happen too often {ever} around here, so forgive me.

I also really love this one too (well I love them all, but didn't want to murder you with pictures of us), but it's vertical, so I'll put it down here all by itself.

That's all for today. Check your pants for beetles.


Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...

SCARY!!!!! Ugh. I am not a bug person. The pictures are amazing! Beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

1. #DEATHHORRORIHATEBUGSEWEWEWEW omg i would have DIED!!! i seriously haaate bugs. bleh. i am itchy just thinking about this.
2. seriously!? how amazingly adorable is carter?! he is absolutely perfect. that photographer is awesome too... love the picture of him eating the pie. too cute for words! i kind of want to print out that pic and put it in a frame in my house. i wont, because that is SO weird, but that's how much i love the pic.
3. happy friday friend!!!

Unknown said...

these pictures are perfect. just tweeted about how much i love them.

Nicole said...

What a beautiful family you have!

Unknown said...

what a crazy story! yikes! glad the bettle is out of the pants :) i hate when i have things crawling on me and i can't see them.. i start invisioning other things and creep myself out WAYY too much - and it's usually my hair. haha

and the photo of carter with pie on the face.. how adorable is that? oh my oh my! that is definitely one to frame and keep :)

Sierra said...

These pictures make me want to have babies!! Haha.
I just found your blog and I love it.
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

These picture are so adorable. Your photographer did a great job of capturing real moments and real (super cute) 12-month smiles :)

I'm your newest follower!


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