Thursday, December 20

DIY Studded Purse

I've been into the whole stud trend lately. I think it's pretty adorable. I got this cute little pink messenger bag to carry the essentials for Carter when we're out shopping--one diaper, some wipes, and epi pens, plus--duh--my debit card and a chapstick. I got sick of the whole diaper bag thing--way too big and annoying for frequent trips in and out of the car. Plus after the infant stage a full diaper bag really isn't that necessary (in my opinion, anyway).

Well, my point is, I got it on clearance at DSW for a steal, but it was lacking something. I decided to make it a little more fun!

Find the Jewel-It glue here


Unknown said...

That is PRECIOUS!!! Great job.

Tarabelle said...

SUCH a good idea! I have so many things i can stud!


Tee said...

i love diy projects. this bag came out wonderfully!

jessica who? sent me!


Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

Doesn't get much easier than that!!


Tara said...

Very cute! I really need to consolidate my diaper bag/pure situation so thanks for the idea!

Tara said...


Unknown said...

you're so stylish :)
love the idea :)

merry christmas amy!

Theresa said...

Its fun how something so simple can really add to the look! I love how it turned out.Thanks for linking up with Inspiration Spotlight @

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