Friday, January 4

Monthly Round Up: A Link Up

It's that time.... the Monthly Round-up linkup!

A link up that takes a look back at your recent blogging past.

I'm so excited to be co-hosting the first ever Monthly Round Up link up hosted by Jen at Our Love and Our Blessing. If you haven't been to this lady's blog before, it was time like last year. She is a FANTASTIC DIYer and I'm seriously in awe of every single one of her DIY posts. They're all amazing and thoughtful, modern, trendy, and just plain fab. Her most recent project is a teepee she and her husband made for their son, Boston. Love how those two are such a good/adorable team.

Here's what you do: 
--- follow your host and co-host 

---tweet about the link up    

--- link up.

That's it.  Super easy.  Can't wait to read all of your posts and see what you all have been up to lately.

Here are a few of my favorite posts from the last month:

I gave you a makeup class update!
I confessed a few things
I opened a shop! (for now, anyway!)
I told you how I'm not great at keeping secrets
I put studs on one of my purses and now I love it again!

Now.... get to linking up!

*you can read what this linkup is all about HERE.

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Anna @ The Things I'm Learning said...

I love this idea and I love your blog! Happy Friday!

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