Friday, June 28

Dear Carter,

{We're going picture-less today.}

Dear Carter,

You talk so much now. I'm loving it. I've heard so many people say once they start talking you're going to wish you had the peace and quiet again. NO! Never! Bring On The Noise. I love having a little buddy to chat with during the day.You get set on the funniest things. Today we looked for DagooBoy (Junior and Larry Boy) for at least three hours. I had my face on the floor peeking under the couch and I still couldn't find them. Tomorrow's a new day. There's still hope (update: Dada found them).

Green Man (a little plastic army man that you "won" at the arcade) is your new favorite toy. You almost fell over backwards when I found a second one under the couch. You smiled so big I thought you were going to cry.

You also like me to paint your toe nails. Sometimes people look at me weird because of it, but you know what? Who cares if you have blue (and green and red and orange and pink) toe nails? There are bigger problems than painted toes. You can totally rock it, so we'll keep it up.

In other news, there have been like twelve 9-year-olds and random old women that have called you a girl in the last few weeks. I'm going to deck the next person that says it. (Although I think it's just that you're so freaking adorable they don't believe you could actually be a boy). I don't really understand it though because you even got your first hair cut. I may not have given you a buzz cut (you're welcome--it just wouldn't fit your personality), but there were some serious mullet inches chopped off. You also always have boy clothes on (although forgive me if they aren't all composed of race cars and footballs and transformers). Do you know that about a month ago you were wearing navy blue and white striped pants and some dumb girl called it zebra print? Obviously her mom has never taken her for an eye exam.

You have really big feet. I'm thinking we'll be able to share sneakers on your third birthday. That would be cool (although you probably wouldn't think so judging by the way you freak out if I try to share anything with you--food, the keyboard app on the iPad, bubbles).

There's one thing I've been meaning to bring up to you, though. Could you stop jumping off of things while just expecting me to catch you? It's getting really tiring and I think my neck is going to break right off one of these times because I tense and jerk so fast to grab you. This really can't become an ongoing habit. Not. Safe. (I've tried to tell this to you in a myriad of ways, but you're just not having it).

Oh, I also saved you from a spider the other day. If I can swat a spider off your foot, I can do anything.


Kelly said...

How cute is this! He is going to love reading these in the future!

Sparkles and Shoes

Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

Agh, what a sweet letter to your little man.
I have missed your posts you busy mama!


(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

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