Saturday, March 1

Oscars Ballot!

My sister and I (and Tom too!) are watching the Oscars together tomorrow. But things like this are always more fun if it's a competition right? When Tom and I watched the Olympics we kept little sheets of paper next to us so we could write down what we thought the scores would be and then see who was closest (Then Tom gave up because I have an uncanny knack for guessing scores). I think my vocation is to be an Olympic judge. Too bad I was never an Olympian. Just have that little problem working against me.

We're using a ballot from Red Envelope to keep score. If I don't win I'm going to be furious. Get your own ballot and join in. I haven't decided on all of my choices yet, but I might post them here tonight or tomorrow morning just to keep record of what I choose--my family likes to claim whoever wins cheated. I never win at anything in my family--Monopoly, card games, horse + pig in basketball, nothing. This is all I have going for me. Wish me luck. Oh wait, except Mad Gab. I could win a world championship at Mad Gab. You don't want to play with me.

Who else is watching? (If only for the dresses?)


Melody said...

What fun, I might just play along too.

Brittany said...

I'm playing! I'm hoping this is finally Leonardo DiCaprio's year!

Kelly said...

This is so fun, it is going so well!

xx Kelly
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