Monday, July 28

So, Do You Know What's Weird?

So I wrote out this long, boring post about how I used to love blogging, but then all that blogging entails (sponsorships, reviews, partnerships of any kind) sucked the life right out of me. It's a post you've read a dozen times before--so I highlighted that biatch and hit delete. It felt good.

I want to write more. I wish I had a writing group to go to. Or a book club! Wouldn't that be fun?! I think I need to find space in my life for something like that once a week. Thinking of joining a book club honestly gives me excited butterflies in my stomach. Either I'm old and boring, or...? Is there an alternative to that?


Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...

You are not old and boring!! You are anything but. If you started a book club (online) I would join!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Not old or boring, start a young, fun book club. I want a book club!
Have you tried the website They have all different groups like book clubs that you can search for by area.

noel bressler said...

I realize this post is mega old BUT I'm just now making my rounds for the first time in a year or so (I'd laugh but I'm totally not kidding!). I have always wanted to join a book club but I have a pesky bit of social anxiety so I'm not sure I'd be able to hack it. If you did start an online group, that might be more my thing.

What do you read? I'm mostly into personal development books these days...I swear, there are some that are SO NOT the dry self help books of yore!

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