Friday, May 23

Carter Turned 3!! (photo overload)

Wednesday was Carter's 3rd birthday! Tom has had the week off so we all went to a farm for the day. Carter was into it. He had his map ready and took off. This place is great. Massachusetts people--Davis Farmland is awesome. Although I'm sure the weekends are packed and there's not a lot of shade so probably a no-go for tiny babies.

On the way home we took a quick trip to Toys R Us (Carter likes nothing more than to walk up and down the aisles and to name the characters from every game/movie/show/toy ever). He is obsessed with toy review videos on YouTube (Sammy on Arcadius Kul is his favorite, closely followed by EvanTubeHD). Carter walked away with a box full of Marvel blind bags that were on clearance (and Tom got a second box for himself).

We ended the day with cake and ice cream with the grandparents (minus one special papa who was away on business--but he was at Disney racing mustangs so don't feel too bad).

this goat was only 4 days old!! Holy cuteness!!

 moon bounce action

And nothing sums up Carter's personality quite like this photo:

Happy Weekend!! xo


Karren said...

We have been to that farm while visiting family in MA. It was fun!

My son (3 yrs old) is also obsessed with toy reviews on YouTube! We have no idea how he discovered them but he will ask to watch them multiple times a day. He likes EvanTube but happy meal toy reviews are his favorite.

Hope your little one had a wonderful birthday! :-)

Positively Amy said...

It's so hysterical to hear about other little boys loving these videos. I have no idea how Carter found them either--one day he was watching Veggie Tales silly songs videos and the next thing I knew, Disney Collector videos were on and he just continued to find new channels. We have discovered so many random/odd toys from those videos haha!

I had no idea they existed until then. Thanks for your nice comment Karren!

emi said...

darling darling darling!!


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