Sunday, September 28

Pumpkin Boots

There I was, sitting on my off-white leather couch that everybody (Tom) hates except me, pondering how wonderful it would be if hard cider and pumpkin beer could be married together in the most delicious concoction ever to grace my pallet. Because certainly, I thought, I cannot be the only one bestowed with such genius as this.

So I did what anyone would do in this sort of situation. I googled. And there it was, ACE pumpkin cider. So naturally, I went out and bought it—it’s just as good as one would imagine, likening the beloved PSL to the {presumed} taste of dog water.

That short little nugget is all I have to say. It was 80 today and I loved every bit of it, but I'm officially declaring a welcome to fall weather (and winter for that matter). Me and my beloved cider and new boots are ready for you.

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