Wednesday, January 27

Free Jewelry, Because I Love You

Let's have a little Q&A today, shall we?

Me: Do you like jewelry?
You: Yes, duh.

Me: Do you get sick of wearing the same jewelry after a week or two?
You: Yes, duh.

Solution: RocksBox

Sign up to get 1 month of free jewelry to wear, and send it back (also free) when you're sick of it.
Use code: positivelyamyxoxo

I'm loving mine. On an unrelated note, I also love my Los Gatos Patagonia vest (also pictured). I don't take it off. Ever. Ask Tom.

Enjoy the rest of your day. Think happy thoughts. Work hard. Say hi to me on Twitter.
Or don't do any of these things. It's up to you.

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