Monday, August 22

Happy 3 Months Baby C!

So yesterday C was officially 3 months! Time has flown! And this means I've been doing my dairy, soy, egg, nut free diet for about 2 1/2 months!

Yesterday, some relatives stopped by to see C and they brought us 3 grocery bags FULL of food from a high end store. So. many. delicious. things: pasta, chicken, bacon/cheddar burgers, pastries, eclairs, ice cream, TONS OF STUFF....and I can't eat any of it!!! Except the fruit salad, which was delicious and I almost ate the whole thing already. It was so nice of them to do that, and they didn't know about my allergies. Obviously I didn't say anything because how rude would that be?

A few hours they let, though, my didn't-go-to-the-grocery-store, lazy-on-a-Sunday self got moody! ha! It was 1pm and I hadn't eaten since 6pm the night before because I was doing who knows what and I was STARVING, and my coffee wasn't that good that morning (I made iced coffee and it was that weird lukewarm temp because my ice melted before I could finish it). And then I started thinking if I am a mother perfectly capable of thinking of allergen free alternatives, and I felt bad that I couldn't eat all of this delicious food, how will C feel when he's only three and everyone wants to go get ice cream and he can't have any? It made me want to cry. And I also decided that I'm not just going to do this diet until C is at least 12 months, but I'm going to do it until he either grows out of his allergies, or until I don't feel guilty for eating these things when C can't (probably when he is in his 30s).

I know babies have a good chance of growing out of food allergies, but I wonder about C sometimes. We knew he had dairy/soy allergies because he had colitis (intestinal bleeding that led to microscopic blood in his stool). Colitis means a more severe allergy than simply getting a rash. C gets a rash from eggs, so I feel good about him out-growing that one. Also, C gets crazy reactions from a minuscule amount of milk or soy. When I had only been doing the diet for a week I accidentally grabbed the wrong popcorn and ate one with butter on it. I only ate less than a handful before I realized. C vomited for 2 days. : (

On a more positive note: The diet has helped me lose all the baby weight. But honestly, I'd rather have all the weight packed on +10 if it meant C's little tummy never had to hurt so bad : (

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