Tuesday, September 20

Allergen Free "Alfredo" Sauce

So tonight I was craving alfredo sauce and decided to make up my own recipe with ingredients I can actually have. I used:

+light coconut milk (canned)
+brown rice flour
+garlic cloves
+salt and pepper

I just mixed these ingredients together and cooked it on low heat until it was a similar consistency to alfredo sauce and until I thought it tasted good. I also just made enough for one serving so I'm not going to give the amounts. It's more of a trial and error, add more if you need to kind of recipe!

It was DELICIOUS. I'm so excited that I have something new to eat.

I'm now free of: The Top 8 allergens (milk, soy, wheat, eggs, peanuts, treanuts, fish and shellfish) as well as corn and beef. Whew!

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