Saturday, October 22

Things Don't Go the Way You Plan


So you know how when you're pregnant and you're making your birth plan, everyone says "don't worry if things don't go the way  you expect them to, every labor is different" and you say "yes, I know, I just want to be prepared," but inside you're thinking things damn well better go the way I want them to.

Well that's how I felt about breastfeeding. When my midwife asked if I planned to breastfeed I emphatically said "Yes!" And she told me about how hard it was and that I'd need a good support system, blah blah blah. And I was like "yeah, whatever, I'll be fine." Well I was and C was great, but no one needs any visuals so you get the idea, there were no issues.

And then, in batman terms: BAM, POW, WHACK, we go to the GI for C's follow up appointment and find out he's still having issues and we have to switch him to elemental formula. The doctor was super nice about it, but as soon as he said those words "at this point I think it is in his best interest..." I felt myself staving off the tears. I drastically changed my diet and we still weren't able to figure out the culprit(s). It felt like a huge FAIL, and still does. This was a little over two weeks ago and I still want to cry about the whole thing, and I think I already did enough: in the hall outside the doctor's office, in the elevator down to the parking garage, the whole way home in the car, yadda yadda yadda (needed some Seinfeld humor real quick or I was about to lose it again).

So I took a pretty long hiatus from posting because I've been generally pissy because of the weaning and so has C. He refused the formula over and over and a nutritionist gave us the OK to add some vanilla flavored formula to his plain infant one (he takes EleCare). So on the upside he smells like vanilla all the time. I call him vanilla neck.

That brings me to all the downers about bottle feeding that I wrote about somewhere. They're all true. It sucks to wash, make, heat and sterilize bottles all the live long day and it really sucks at night. I'll get over it.

To leave on a good note, we've tried millions of bottles and C finally found some he loves!

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