Friday, September 9

More Food Allergy Stuff

So C has been having issues the last 2 weeks with blood in his stool...poor baby! Today we saw a pediatric GI, which I was dreading because I thought he would say "well just put him on elemental formula." Boy was I wrong! This was the best experience we could have had at a doctor. He said C looks healthy, is gaining weight well, he's happy, and is a good candidate to stay on breast milk while we continue to tweak my diet! I was so relieved. I want to continue nursing more than anything because
1) I know it's best for C
2) I love our special quality time
3) It makes me skinnier
4) It's so much easier than making, warming and cleaning bottles 24/7

For now I continue my diet free of: milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, fish and corn. If C still has bleeding at his next appt we will talk about eliminating other foods (but we'll make sure he's not becoming anemic first). The GI was also kind enough to set me up with a nutritionist appt during C's GI appt! This guy was great!

Obviously I'll switch to elemental formula if it is in C's best interest, but right now breast is still best and I'm thankful for that! : )


Terri said...

Hi! I found your blog from the AP Bump board and just wanted to try to give you some hope. It sounds like we had very similar experiences with our little ones when it comes to allergies. I also had to have a very strict diet when he was a baby, and it also included a bunch of stuff: dairy, eggs, pineapple, fish, shellfish, apples...It seems the list was longer but I'm pregnant and have no memory right now. ;) We also had to get rid of our cats because of his severe cat allergy.

By 1 year, we had added in peanuts (he never reacted to them through my breastmilk, but we found out the hard way that he has an anaphalactic level allergy to peanuts - he grabbed some from a grind your own peanut butter machine in a grocery store! So scary. Had to rush him to the hospital and now we carry epi-jr pens everywhere), but all the other allergies except for dairy are gone. I have to be careful with dairy, but if he accidentally has trace amounts it doesn't bother him anymore, whereas it used to make him vomit for days if I had a slight amount of butter.

We're still breastfeeding, but he doesn't get enough dairy through the small amount of milk he gets at this point (he is 2, and as I said, I'm pregnant) to matter. That works well because I've had to start eating dairy again in order to get enough protein to keep from being sick. He eats coconut yogurt when I eat dairy yogurt, but I just tell him cheese is bad for him and will make him sick and he is okay with it. Never having had cheese, he doesn't know what he is missing. None of us eat peanuts or touch peanuts...the risk is too great!

I'm expecting him to outgrow the dairy allergy, even though it started off being so bad. I think he'll just end up with the peanut allergy, which is at least becoming more prevalent and understood.

I hope you have similar awesome results and as your son grows older he is able to have more foods. Good luck!

Positively Amy said...

Thanks Terri!

I hope it continues to get better to! I don't really know where we stand right now with the allergies because we did end up having to put him on Elecare because he was bleeding for too long to keep trying to change my diet. It was heartbreaking, but it worked wonders. I haven't ever given him anything (he's 9 months now) that he had issues with (except corn, and that was fine). At our last appointment his GI said we can try to introduce cheese and yogurt at 11 months if he seems to be doing fine with other foods. I'm so nervous because I don't want to make him sick. He was so so sensitive to it through my breast milk and I just don't see how he could outgrow it already, but I guess you never know! Thanks for your support! : ) Sorry about your scary peanut episode! So glad he has outgrown so many foods though, that's awesome!!

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