Saturday, November 26

First Time...

using hemp tonight!

It's supposed to be more absorbant than cotton or microfiber, and I hope that's true! We haven't had an easy time finding an overnight solution. I keep hearing good things about fitteds and wool, but I thought I'd give hemp a try first (mainly because I don't want to spend the money on the wool covers because I know I'd buy new sbish ones instead of the more economical variety since they are the cutest--honestly, I do make many of my cloth diaper decisions based on the cute factor).

It's also our first night sleeping on our mattress without one of those food grade plastic bags on it to prevent off-gassing. T is so excited! In my pregnancy craziness (or not), I decided we HAD to have one to protect little C from all the terrible chemicals, which I still care about, don't get me wrong...I just don't know how much the mattress wrap actually helps. This is the article I read that led to the mattress wrap purchase. C sleeps on an organic mattress in his crib, but he's still in our room so I was worried about our mattress too.

We're taking it off because it is so loud and crinkly (we knew this going in) and it keeps waking C up. We'll see how I do without my chemical barrier. haha may come back...

Will update on the hemp in the morning!

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