Sunday, November 27

First Ever Baby Steals Purchase

Royal Blue
My heart is still pounding! I got a notification on my iPhone that itti bitti tutto diapers were on Baby Steals! They were on sale for $15.99 from $26.95! I have wanted to try the itti bitti diapers for a while, so this was my chance! I also thought I'd grab one for my sister-in-law because she's always picking up little things for me. First, I saw the limited edition Beechworth print:

but I couldn't decide if I liked it. I called T over and we debated between this print and the turquoise one (not pictured). I decided to go for the Beechworth since it's limited edition. Click it--sold out! Frantically clicked the turquoise--JUST sold out! AHH. I furiously scoured the page to realize I love the royal it...GOT 2!!! Whew. That was stressful.  But sooo worth it! Hope SIL loves it!

The tuttos are AI2 (all in two) diapers. I love these because they're easy to put together, and come apart easily for washing/quick drying. I'm so excited to get these!

Quick update on the hemp last night: AWESOME! I didn't have a Best Bottom overnight insert so I used the hemp insert snapped on to the Best Bottom cover (in Blue Giraffe print--so cute) with a stay dry microfiber/fleece topped insert over it. It was amazing. I don't even see the need to buy one of the inserts specifically for overnight. C had it on for about 9 hours, and not even one little leak. Success!

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