Thursday, January 5

Warning: Don't Mock the News

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Every time I turn on the news now there are 8 stories about fires. The other night when T got home we had the 6:00 news on and we sacrilegiously laughed and said things to the effect of how dumb can you be to start a fire/not notice it/sleep through it/have no batteries in your smoke detectors.

Well karma got me back big time at about 7 when I turned on the toaster oven and WHOOSH flames lit up out of nowhere before I even put anything in. I grabbed a box of baking soda and doused it (thankfully I knew about this little trick). So we went on with our night and made chicken, bacon, ranch wraps (delicious). We cooked the bacon in the microwave.

About an hour after dinner I thought I'd make some tea so I turned on the gas stove and put the kettle on it. I opened up the microwave to stick something in for T and a bacon grease soaked paper towel fell out and onto the know what happened...WHOOSH (again), the corner of the paper towel touched the flame and it spread likd wildfire (ha). Thankfully my super fast mom-reactions were in gear and I pinched a tiny unlit corner and flung it into the sink where it was subsequently drowned in water. So that's what I got for making fun of the poor people on the news with house fires. Thankfully T didn't make fun of me too bad for my misfortunes. My mom wasn't so lucky when she caused the fire trucks to visit our home two times in one year when I was growing up (she got the nickname Sparky for a few years...but that's another story).

Be forewarned. Joke about a tsunami--and your upstairs neighbors will overflow their bathtub...

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