Monday, January 23

You Know When You...

Get into a bit of a predicament and some super nice stranger comes along and saves the day? This was not one of those times.

So there we were, walking around Trader Joe's, picking up a few things, C in the carrier happily kicking his legs. I impulsively bought a Zico chocolate coconut water (that I'm drinking right's delicious) along with a few other unneeded items and then went to the checkout. As usual, we loaded our groceries into the car, returned the cart, got settled in the car seat, I popped up into the front seat and then...nothing. I turned the key, clicking sounds. CRAP. The battery was dead.

I had a momentary freak out where I thought it's 20 degrees, what do we do? Carter will be so cold! Who do I call? And then my brain turned on and I realized I was in a plaza of about 20 stores (no freezing necessary) and I also had my stash of emergency blankets and coats that I always keep in the car just for this sort of thing (thank you parents for always telling me I needed to bring a coat "just in case").

Anyway, I thought this is no problem, I'll just ask someone to jump the car, they'll want to help because C is with me, and we'll be on our way. I walked up to a man who just happened to be in an adjacent parking spot and asked if he could jump my car. He gave me several excuses about how he was so busy, blah, blah, blah. I nicely explained that I wouldn't normally ask, but I had my 8 month old in the car (we were right next to the car) and needed to get him home. Well first of all, the guy didn't know how to jump a car. Second, he didn't want to damage his precious new Audi SUV (he gave some excuse about how my SUV was too big and I needed a bigger car to jump mine...ummm, we're at Trader Joe's there are like 50 priuses and you're the only non-prius) So the guy tried for like 5 minutes and then seemed really impatient and I told him he could just go and I didn't want to take up more of his time. And you know what the guy did? He went into the store and leisurely shopped for 35 minutes! (I was watching and timing him from under our pile of blankets in the car).

A friend who lives close by ended up bringing me and C home and super husband came home from work and got the car all fixed for us. So everything ended up fine, but it was quite the event trying to entertain C in the car (it never really got cold enough to go into a store, I was piling him up with blankets and he was all "Mom, I'm sweating, I'm always a million degrees, Don't you know that?!" And he promptly whipped the blankets to the floor and jumped on me like I was his jumperoo.

Here we are making the best of it. The flash was harsh.


Tara said...

I'm so sorry that happened! When it's this cold out I'm always thinking about things like this happening and making sure we have everything we would need. Yay extra blankets! Hehe. Glad you had a friend close by to get you.

Anonymous said...

Uggh. People. They can make you so angry sometimes. Apparently this guy didn't have kids! Sorry that had to happen to you, but glad that you were able to get home safe.

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