Sunday, February 12

Mom Brain Follow Up

This is not actually me, but it might as well be. 
Just thought I'd let you know that in addition to melting my food processor I have also done the following this weekend:

1. threw out T's good razor (not a disposable) while cleaning the bathroom
2. put salad away in the cupboard
3. spilled a large Dunkin Donuts iced coffee that T was saving in the fridge for morning (there was a coffee flood in our kitchen)
4. dropped a bag of groceries and broke the eggs
5. put the broken eggs back in the grocery bag, which then leaked on the floor (it was a paper bag).

This has not been my week. A girl could use a nap. Luckily, T is sweet and let me sleep in this morning and took C, hopefully it helped.


The Sugar Mountain said...

Hmmm sounds like another mom I know... Me!!!! Hang in there!

Tara said...

Oh, mommy brain! It will take a sane lady and turn her into a forgetful klutz! Ha! Luckily it comes and goes, so hopefully this week will be better!

Anonymous said...

I caught myself putting something the cupboard that was suppose to go in the fridge..don't ask me what it was because I CAN'T REMEMBER! Sounds like your mommy brain needs a little rest and relaxation. Maybe you should do a spa day to unwind?

Positively Amy said...

I have one coming up in two weeks!! It can't come soon enough! :)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Enjoy it!

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