Tuesday, February 14


I just bought these soft shoes for C from Zulily.

He needed some more shoes, and I resisted a Charlie Banana cloth diaper purchase yesterday so I decided it was okay. I also let T pick out the print. I was partial to the star prints, but C has lots of not-so-boyish stuff (because I'm totally not a fan of sports themed everything) so adding a little masculinity to his wardrobe seemed like a fun thing.

I have such a shopping issue. The golden years (shopping-wise) of my life were in high school when I had a good paying job, worked lots of hours, and spent every last penny at the mall. My closet overflowed with shoes, clothes and bags. It. was. awesome. (Oh, wait, I was thoughtful and I tithed too--I wasn't all selfish).

Now, I don't buy anything (except things for C and cloth diapers!!) because T is a saver. You know how people always say spenders and savers attract each other? Well it's totally true for us. I'm so glad I have T to reign me in. I need it. The next step is to try not to online shop every day. Then I could stop torturing myself by looking at all the cuteness that I shouldn't be buying. Anyone else torture themselves with online browsing? Are you a spender or a saver?

P.S. Happy V-Day! I got the new Twilight and I can't wait to watch it. Tom decided to get it for me, but I was going to Target so said I'd pick it up (haha) and you don't know how hard it was to force myself to buy the regular Twilight edition and to not be a sucker for the collector's edition for $15 more with the prop flowers encased in acrylic! I told myself not to give into the silly marketing ploy, but I wanted to so bad. I think a signed flower prop from KStew or RPattz would have sealed the deal.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about being the spender in the family. The sad part is-my husband is too. BUT he has reigned himself in since we got married. Me? Not so much. I tend to want to shop when I am upset or angry. Or when I am happy. Well, I guess I just wanna shop whenever!

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