Thursday, February 9

Mom Brain

I thought Pregnancy Brain was bad, but it turns out Mom Brain is even worse. The other night I decided to make pasta for dinner. The food processor was out on the stove because I needed to clean it after making some baby food, and there wasn't any room on the counter due to the dinner-making (we don't have lots of counter space).

Things you need to know:
1. We have a gas stove
2. The processor was on the back right burner
3. The "Power Plus" burner (perfect for boiling water) is the front right burner

Just before turning on the Power Plus burner, I thought I have to move the food processor before I turn it on. Then Carter squeaked and I went over to help him retrieve his toy from under the couch and when I returned to the kitchen, I put the water on. Then I scooped up little Carter and took him downstairs to switch a cloth diaper load of laundry (luckily it was cloth diapers because that's the fastest kind of laundry to switch from the washer to the dryer). On my way up the stairs I smelled this horrible burning smell, so I started to run up the stairs a bit faster. It smelled like the time I burned the clutch in my Dad's Jeep Wrangler at the beach {woops, it was a true mistake, we were stuck!}

I rushed into the kitchen to find this:

It was a sad day. Now my once only-used-a-few-times food processor looks like a piece of shih-tzu poodle.

If I only had a brain...


Tara said...

Oh, you poor thing! As mamas we have so much on our minds all the time it's a wonder that things like this don't happen every day in our homes! Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Mom brain is the worst! Let's just say I have had a few accidents like this one. You are not alone!

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