Wednesday, April 25

Scared into Exercise

I've noticed that in order for me to exercise consistently I need to be terrified of something.

+In high school it was field hockey tryouts (they haunted me all year), they were pretty marathon-esque if you ask me.
+In college, I slacked a bit more than usual but stepped it up before the wedding (I guess I was terrified of looking bad in my dress, hating my wedding pictures and wearing my bathing suit for two weeks on our honeymoon).
+Now I have a new fear, maybe you've heard of it...duh duh duh...The Warrior Dash. My sister-in-law and I are running it on June 9th and I'm excited and want to puke all at the same time. It's only a 5k, but there are lots of scary obstacles mixed in (that's what I'm most nervous about!) Here are some pictures from the website:

Are you scared for me? Good. I'm not the only one. I actually think it will be lots of fun, but it's still intimidating!

To prepare for this craziness I have been running (of course), which has been great and now I'm forcing myself to do more strength training exercises. I've recently gotten into Pop Pilates on YouTube.

Thanks to pregnancy I have essentially zero (or maybe even negative) ab strength. My abs are so sore from doing this video yesterday and it feels so good!

I love this girl! She's so bubbly and sweet. I could work out with her all day long (except for the fact that I would drop dead first). My sister got me into these videos and I'm so glad she did!

I've also been watching Lean Secrets YouTube videos. This girl is another winner. I love her personality and she knows her stuff! My blog friend at Purple Kale posted this video on Facebook and I instantly fell in love with Brenda and I've been reading her book nonstop. (You can download it for whatever price you want to pay here) Just scroll down to the bottom of the screen. Now all I have to do is actually eat the way she says, rather than just reading about it ; ) It's so darn easy to reach for a box of crackers sometimes though, isn't it?

I have heard similar things to what she says before, and I stopped eating wheat for a few a weeks while breastfeeding because we thought Carter was reacting to it, and I honestly noticed a big difference in the way I felt. I might do it again, but it is definitely a hard one to eliminate!

Just wanted to share!

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Tara said...

Good luck, mama! It sounds like you have a lot of tools and inspiration to help you through the rough parts. Sending you lots of strength and energy!

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