Friday, May 11


{I just love Shabby Blogs, don't you?}

So tonight I finally made it 3 miles. I went pretty slow, but it's alright, I have 4 weeks until the dreaded (ha, just kidding, I'm pretty excited) Warrior Dash, so that's enough time to speed up a bit! Totally slacking on the strength training though. Anyway, today on my run, I was attacked by 2 things: the first was a little 8lb dog. I literally looked down because I thought my shoe was untied, but no, that was the dog jumping at my foot, that's how small it was. Then I realized the dog's owner was running after us. I probably should have stopped so that the dog stopped, but hey, I was running my full 3 miles (actually I did 3.12 miles plus a scooter race--details on that in a bit) so I wasn't stopping for anybody, not even a little cute dog. The second thing/person I was attacked by was my 7-year-old neighbor. She is constantly yelling "Aaaammmyyy!!!!" from afar and I had to keep telling her "5 more minutes and I can talk." I kept dreading passing her (I run in a loop around where we live) because I was really trying to  keep my focus and enjoy the awesome Spice Girls song that came on my Pandora at just the right moment.

Anywho, I finished the run, went and talked to my 7-year-old neighbor as promised and was promptly asked to race her while she rode  her scooter. I couldn't say no. We were neck and neck for a while there and then she just kept going so I had to give up once I reached my front door. Apparently she had to flag me down because she was dying to tell me that she's a flower girl in her aunt's wedding. That was actually a pretty good reason to interrupt my run. Being a flower girl is exciting stuff.

In other news, Carter seems he may have grown out of his milk allergy (wooooo!) He's gone through a week of cow's milk yogurt and almost a week of cheese. Next week is the real deal, so we'll see how it goes. Honestly, I doubt I'll end up giving him the whole cow's milk though because I think coconut milk is just so much healthier (and basically has the exact same nutrition--we'll see what the pediatrician says, but I'm thinking it's a good substitute).

Well, off to read The Lucky One. Nicholas Sparks totally sucks me in.


Tara said...

Glad to hear your workouts have been going well! Here's to hoping you don't get attacked again! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! I have got to get back to running. I do the elliptical, but not sure if that's the same thing lol.

BTW, coconut milk is WAAAY better for your little one than cow's milk!! AWESOME nutrition right there, plus if he ever gets sick you won't have to worry about it making him worse. (dairy causes more mucus production when you have a cold/flu).

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