Thursday, June 28

Food Allergies Suck: Take 2

So if you've ever read my old posts (or know me in real life), you know Carter had some food allergy issues as a tiny baby. I won't get into the nitty gritty and bore you within an inch of your life, so that's all you really need to know. We trialed milk and soy at 12 months and he grew out of them (yay!) And then, just as we were thinking Wow, this is so nice, he can eat whatever he wants, we can go out to eat, we don't have to bring food over to people's houses, we can be normal. Just as we were thinking that, I give him hummus, he breaks out in hives all over his tiny face and we go to the ER. Just like that. Forget the GI issues of the past, now we get to carry an EpiPen (Jr.) wherever we go. I'm thinking of bringing the fanny pack back into style. Thoughts?



Anonymous said...

I am totally game on the fanny pack!!! That's would be sooooo awesome!

I hate that little man has to deal with that! My kids don't do dairy well, so I have to make sure I STRESS to people not to give them milk. Cheese is fine...but anything like yogurt will cause MUCHO BAD issues.

THE COOKS said...

Cute blog!!! New follower. :)

Anonymous said...

bling out the fanny pack! I bet people will buy

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