Friday, June 1

Injuries and Messes

Well yesterday was quite the day. I was in the middle of working a long day and had quite the unfortunate instances. They've somehow managed to find me much more frequently in the last year.

And without further ado, here they are.

Unfortunate instance #1: I was lying on the floor on my laptop, minding my own business, when Tom, with his size 15 suit shoes, decided to step over me. I was taking up the only open path to the other side of the room, serves me right for being the weirdo on the computer on the floor. Unfortunately, as Tom's leg swung over my head, the heel of his shoe nicked my head in such a way that it was more of a kick than a nick and I got two large bumps and a bruise to show for it. Luckily, my hair hides it. Not so luckily, I've had a headache all day. It didn't stop me from laughing for a full 20 minutes after the incident. Tom felt horrible, of course (as a good husband should for mistakenly kicking his wife in the head), but I couldn't help but giggle and brace my pounding head simultaneously. I think it has something to do with the way I laugh when people fall.

#2: It was time for Tom to leave the house in said suit shoes (suit shoes, is that even a name? Well, I like it) so I followed him down to make sure Carter didn't get messy hands on his suit (things like this tend to happen)--oh, I should mention, Carter wasn't just chilling downstairs by himself. The baby-sitter was with him so that I could get work done. Well no sooner had I reached the bottom of the stairs when I picked Carter up to give him a little kiss and noticed his diaper was awry. I grabbed the edge of it to fix its crookedness and what graced my fingers? Well it was number the second, spewing out the sides, of course. I promptly let out a girlish scream and ran to the bathroom to wash it off. You'd think that being a mom would have me used to such defecations on my hand, and would also raise my girlish scream threshold a few notches, but no. No such luck.


Miranda said...

I'm still not quite used to poop explosions and goo.

jes @ twosmuppies said...

i, too, laugh when people fall.
i have never had a finger swipe poop moment but i feel like i don't really need to look forward to that just yet ;)

Anonymous said...

That totally cracked me up! It never fails, every time I check Cahse, I get crap all over my hands. Uggh. I think it's a boy thing. But there was this one time we were at a restaurant, and Melody had a huge blow out. I had to pick her up (It was all over the high chair) and hold what was coming out with my hands and rush over to the bathroom. I wanted to hurl so bad. Bahaha! Oh the things we moms like to talk about. It'll be great blackmail tails when their older!

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