Thursday, June 21

Some Hot Weather and more of the real Amy is revealed...

So since it's been high 90s here the last couple of days we took a little trip to the grandparents' (both sides live near each other--cute, right?) Tom has some time off right now and it's been awesome. Sister and I spent the entire day in the pool yesterday and today we spent the day in the pool with our best friends. Doesn't the term "best friends" sound so 11-year-old? I love it. But really, they are. They are sisters too and we've been best friends with them for exactly 20 years as of September. CRAZY, huh?

You want evidence you say? Here's a little collage they made for us back in the day. It's hard to see the pictures since this was pre-digital camera--Sorry!

Kels and I were being old ladies in the top right corner, and I'm wearing underwear on my head. Really showing my true colors.

Speaking of true colors. Do you want to know the real me? Like reeeaaallll Amy??? I don't really think you do, but you can meet her anyway. Here she is:

Yup. I put things up my nose. It's kind of my "thing." What kind of girl posts pictures of herself on her blog with pretzels up her nose? This one right here, that's who. You're totally wishing I was your best friend right now, aren't you? Do you want to know what makes this better? This was at the bestie's rehearsal dinner. Classy, as always.

And a few more photos of the bests together:

At the end of our wedding. (Our parents are all besteis too. Even cuter, isn't it??)

So back to our pool day.

It was utter greatness. Unfortunately, I did not remember to squirt the sun block in my eye so now my eyeballs feel burned and it's definitely a little sad, and I'm a little blind. If there's a spelling/grammar mistake right now you must forgive me.

Carter had mixed feelings about the pool.

We're playing disc golf at a brewery tomorrow. Carter is going to visit the petting zoo instead of throwing some discs. We thought he'd get bored.


Anonymous said...

Bahaha! You're a it though!

Anonymous said...

umm i stick jelly beans up my nose all the time. i think we are destined to be besties.

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Carter not wanting to throw discs at a brewery? no way.
and you putting things up your nose ... I like it. I do.

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