Wednesday, July 25

bubbles+ bags + skulls + croutons

carter's new obsession is bubbles:

you know he's having fun when he opens his mouth and talks in bubbles. 

for some reason i want him to wear a backpack. i don't want him to go to school (definitely not ready for that), but backpacks are just the darlingest thing, ever. i bought him a turtle backpack at the aquarium on his first birthday even though he had no interest in wearing it (how dare he not want to wear a backpack at 12 months??) and now these bags from gap are calling me. he needs one. 

they even have matching lunch boxes that clip on to the front: 
i'm not really sure why these have skulls. skulls annoy me. for some reason there is this obsession with skulls for little boys. i don't get it. they only have so many years to be sweet and adorbs before they get all peer pressured into being tough and too cool.  i'm keeping my boy skull-free as long as i can. 

P.S. due to my lack of dinner making skills, Tom has been keeping a new restaurant across the street in business all on his own. let's call it M's. He even told one of our neighbors to start ordering from M's so that it can stay open (this is one of those locations where no matter what restaurant is there, it closes in like 3 weeks.) once we got a menu in our mailbox for a place and it never opened. we were confused. does this remind anyone else of Seinfeld? when Jerry tries to help Babu with his Pakistani restaurant?

P.P.S. the point of this was to tell you that Tom informed me last night that he will no longer be keeping M's in business because they forgot the croutons on his chicken caesar wrap. how long do you think that will last? i'm giving it 2 days. 



The Management said...

Why do guys find minor oversights in their meals to be such major offenses? I swear, if I forget to put some Parmesan cheese on The Prince's salad one day, it's like 'HELL NO THE WORLD IS ENDING'.

Boys. So dramatic. and they think WE'RE the problem. Psshhh.

Piril Maria said...

The cutest =) Followed.

Unknown said...

how cute, everything boy!

drop by and say hello!


Holly said...

Aww, the photo with the bubbles is so cute!

Also, I know what you mean about backpacks being adorable. I work in a preschool and we have some in our dress up corner - the kids love wearing them around all day...although they also seem to love filling them up with all kinds of weird things, especially sand from the sandpit! Argh! :P

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