Friday, July 13

Friday's Letters


Dear creak in the floor,
Thank you for always appearing just at the moment when Carter has fallen asleep. I love it when I step on you and Carter's eyes shoot open and our entire routine is sabotaged.

Dear local ice cream place,
This is NOT soft serve.

I don't really know what this watery mess with sprinkles dumped on top is, but it's not what I wanted. Where is my swirly peak?

Dear breakfast,
I actually like you now. These Vi shakes are delish. Eggs still make me want to puke though, so I won't be having them for you any time soon.

Dear Real World,
I'm back. I've taken a long break since your Austin season (what was that, 10 years ago or so?) I'm back because you took all the beauts to the place me and the husband honeymooned. It's entertaining to see all of our fave spots defiled and puked on. Dear Laura, stop being so clingy, it's weird. Dear Trey, stop thinking you're such the man, it's annoying. Dear everyone else, I think you're awesome--yeah, even you, Boston Brandon (except, if I may, Robb, I've been meaning to tell you when you broke the phone on your head that was kind of awkward. You're bordering on Boston Brandon's journal kind of weird).

Dear Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats,
Thank you for existing. You have saved my life my feet on numerous occasions. For some reason I always insist on wearing heels like these

and these

but I'm not used to them because I don't wear them every day while toting Carter around (because that would be insane).

Dear Queen Helene,


Someone enlighten me, please.

Your's Truly,


Anonymous said...

Dr.Scholls has saved me a couple of nights, i never leave home without them. I love those heels especially the black ones! Love your blog

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

haha. that ice cream is cracking me up! don't get me wrong ... I would eat every last bite. but STILL.

Anonymous said...

When ever I put my little guy down for a nap is when our dogs choose to bark, haha if its not one thing its another haha!
That is the saddest looking soft serve ice cream I have ever seen..
Your heels are too cute!
Placenta hot oil treatment? Uh.. that's weird.
Stopping by from Friday's Letters ♥

Unknown said...

i am loving the ice cream.. that is beyond soft serve! hahah awh - but that is exactly how i like mine :) so i would totally drink it up!

Sarah said...

I just laughed out loud at the Queen Helene products! I saw something similar and my reaction was the exact same... WHAT?! Oh, and my high heel collection is very similar. Found you through Friday's Letters! :)

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