Thursday, July 12

Guest Post: Ellen from This Hive

Hey Guys! Today I have a super awesome treat for you. Ellen from This Hive is gracing us with a guest post! She is one of my fave blogger ladies. She's hilarious and seems to always be doing something more fun than me. And for all you dog lovers, she has a puggle puppy. Enough said.

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hi new friends!

my name is Ellen and i have a little blog over at This Hive. i dont blog about anything of real importance - no cute babies to coo over, and no domestic tips of any kind. my blog is about the small, wonderful things that make my life happier... like my puggle puppy named Sunny or my boyfriend Brian. come on over to my corner of the blog world and check out all the fun we are having! 

even though im not a momma, i was immediately drawn to amy's blog because of how genuine, real, & hilarious she is! i love reading blogs about all you moms and your adorable babies because stay at home moms are kind of my favorite people on the planet. wanna know why? you guys freakin' kick butt, THAT'S WHY. especially in the grocery store. you ladies know where everything is in that damn store. its truly a privilege to watch you briskly and efficiently move your grocery cart through the aisles while soothing a crying infant with one hand, and preventing another child from adding a few more unnecessary items to your already filled-to-the-brim collection of food. it's an even BIGGER privilege to be behind one of you ladies at checkout. your credit card, ID, and coupons are already in hand and the moment the last item is bagged, you guys are OUT the door as if you weren't even there. 

you know who it suuuuucks to share your grocery shopping time with?! people my age. the college students/post grads. anyone my age who walks through the doors of a grocery store act as if they are in some kind of fog (aka hungover/still drunk/functioning on no sleep). no one is in a hurry and no one has a clue what they are doing. they fill the aisles at my local trader joes, staring into oblivion at the chip selection, completely oblivious to my "..oh um, hi, excuse me..." or "can i just squeeze by ya...." pleads of mercy. even though they are only in there to buy like 3 items, it still takes fooooorever at checkout. everyone has to dig around to find their wallet and try and remember which card still has some money left on it to use. everyone also has to argue with the checker-outter..."im 21, I swear! I just lost my wallet so my ID is in the mail." yeah yeah yeah hurry along buddy....

you SAHM's are expert grocery shoppers, & also happen to be raising actual human lives, so, way to go. im proud of you. and will also be calling you when the time comes for you to pass along the SAHM torch to myself (not for a VERY VERY VERY long time). all these poop stories are EXCELLENT birth control. :)


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Hope you guys enjoyed getting to know her! And if you haven't already, GO CHECK HER OUT

Make sure to come back tomorrow because I'm joining in on Friday's Letters! Woo! 


Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

I loved reading her post so I'm prettttty darn excited to go visit her blog. Thanks for sharing! :)

dreaming en francais said...

Love Ellen's blog and now I'm a new follower on yours, too! Yay for new blog friends! xo

Erin said...

Hahaha so true!

Amber said...

Love her! And now I know you, too!! Hey Girl Hey!!

Unknown said...

Love her blog too funny and true!

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