Thursday, August 23


I'm not gonna lie. I was ready for this link up today. Like refreshing these lovely ladies' blogs all morning (darn you time zones!) I've been meaning to link up the last few weeks, but miserably failed, and there was no way I was missing out on this one.

The Daily Tay


Always:  I always get hives every time I take a shower. TMI? Is that weird? I think I'm allergic to water (or the mold I can't see way up inside the shower head...ew)

Sometimes: Sometimes I go out without makeup on (eek). Don't be frightened. The pale, washed out look is in. Right? Guys? Right??

Never: I never, ever like to be serious. I mean I am serious sometimes (because I have to be), but I don't enjoy it. Even when I'm trying to be serious to Carter to get him to stop playing in the toilet, I'm still smiling on the inside.


Always: He always wants to make friends. He's in love with strangers now and I'm still getting used to it. Yesterday we went for a walk and all our neighbors kept giving us a funny smile. I was like: Can you see through my yoga pants?? Is my underwear showing? Do I have food on my face? And then I realized Carter was waving and giving everyone ear to ear smiles. Cute boy. 

Sometimes: Sometimes Carter does a mean face. Evidence:

*Sorry it's sideways

Never: He never bugs me. Ever. He never whines until I give him my phone and then he never chucks it as far as he can (six inches away). Is he trying to send me a message? On my phone too much? Mee??? Kind of how he never turns the TV off if I put the news on? Hmm.


The Management said...

You get hives EVERY TIME you take a shower? That sounds like hell! How on earth do you combat the shittiness of that situation???

The pale washed out look better be in, lemme tell you... on the mornings I hit snooze way too many times, I'm rockin' the bare face like it's the best thing going.

Wendy Annabeth said...

I heart your blog! I'm a new GFC follower :)

Anonymous said...

no way! you do not get hives when you shower!!! omg! that is the craziest thing ever! holy crap. im struggling with this A-S-N post this week, not gunna lie. im always tired. im sometimes tired. im never tired (lie). UGH. TGIFF. yeep. i said it.

Holly said...

I went out without makeup today too. Argh. It was so weird! :O

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