Wednesday, August 22

Sperrys + Fall + Eyebrows

Fall Sperry Look

Burberry slim fit shirt / Blazer / True Religion true-religion jeans / Sperry Top-Sider sequin shoes / Charlotte Russe set of bangles / Anchor jewelry

Guys, I'm kind of over summer right now. I want to wear this pronto! Guess what else? I'm organizing a little nude lip gloss post at the moment (well I was, you can't really organize one blog post and write another simultaneously, can you? more experience bloggers, please enlighten me.)

I really, really want to put some jeans on without sweating. That would be ideal.

So Carter wasn't really a fan of my organizing my lip gloss this morning. He started whipping all my makeup out of my makeup bag and putting my brushes on THE BATHROOM FLOOR. Hygienic  yes? Guess there's a night of brush washing ahead  for me tonight. Woo-hoo!

P.S. Are you brave enough to wax your own eyebrows at home? I do all the time because when I go out and get them done they're always too skinny or the wrong shape. Darn estheticians. Well I picked up some of this stuff at Sally's and let me tell you. BEST PURCHASE EVER. It doesn't leave your skin all red and puffy like traditional wax and you can actually leave the house after doing your eyebrows without looking like you got punched in both eyes. Oh, I'm the only one that reacts to eyebrow waxing like this? Whatevs. Anyway, if you're like me and regular wax kind of kills you, this is for you. You also don't need any strips. It just dries on your skin and you pull it off. Say whaaatttt???? Your kids will be terrified of you while it's drying, but it's aight, they'll get over it. Carter did.



Whitney Ellen said...

My face always looks like I rolled it in poison ivy for at least 3 days after getting my brows down. I may have to try that stuff... wish my luck that I don't wax them bald on accident.

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Love this outfit! So simple and classic! Also, good for you for waxing your brows at home. I just pluck!

Joanna said...

love the blazer! the whole outfit is lovely

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