Sunday, August 19

Ergobaby Giveaway @ She Breathes Deeply

Hey Mommas and soon-to-be's--just thought I'd let you all know about an awesome giveaway going on at She Breathes Deeply. It's for an Ergobaby Bundle of Joy Carrier...What????? I know, right. That's a seriously awesome giveaway. Those will run you around $130 and baby wearing is simply wonderful (and oh so convenient!)

When I saw it, I thought of you, Jess!

I'm liking these two.


Danielle said...

SO checking this out. Love these!! Your blog is fabulous. Newest reader!

Unknown said...

wow! those are really nice! I've never heard of these before..
Thanks for the follow :) I"m following you now too!

Shay said...

Loving your blog and I am so appreciative of the heads up- we have a cheap carrier that works well for the price but I would love an upgrade!

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