Sunday, August 12

Guest Post: Lisa from Artistic Homeowner

Hey friends. So today I have a little treat for you. A guest post from Lisa at Artistic Homeowner. Her website has awesome wall murals that I seriously can't stop looking at.

I'm so into this mosaic wallpaper:

There are also tons of wall murals that would look fab in a nursery. Not to mention a little more unique and fun than a simple color scheme. You might as well make a kid's room fun while you can, right?? No, I am right. We have murals up in C-Man's room. Maybe I'll post some pictures one day, if it's aight with him.

Also, in honor of Shark Week, I'd like to point this one out.

Alright enough from me already, here's some more info from Lisa!

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Nursery Room Murals 

Expectant parents are always looking for new and exciting ways to decorate the nursery. Nursery room murals provide a simple all in one solution to creating a great look for baby's room.

Murals can soothe your littlest family member by creating a relaxing and familiar atmosphere in a place that they will spend a lot of time in.

Knowing if you're going to be having a little boy or a little girl before their arrival can make decorating the nursery a little easier by going with classic boy or girl colors. And some parents even name their little ones before they're even born.

Using classic pink or blue with a focal point around baby's name in a beautiful font is a great way to incorporate a nursery room mural. A little girl can be welcomed into her layette with a fabulous pink fairy princess mural customized with her name. Or the new little boy have the same with a blue race car or zoo themed print.

Going for less traditional colors is also popular with new parents today and opens up the design possibles of using a mural as well.

A neutral room can get a nice pop of color with the reds, blacks and white patterns that are so appealing and stimulating to a newborn baby, for example.

Or if the room is green, picture a tropical rainforest mural to make the little one feel that he is nestled in a lush green forest complete with animal friends.

And the murals don't have to be limited to the four walls of the nursery. Remember that babies spend a lot of time sleeping safely on their backs, and this is often how they wake up. Transform the ceiling into a starry night scene
or a bright sunny sky. This is sure to relax and intrigue the curious little baby who spends so much time looking up!

Finding just the right image for the nursery is your number one concern. And if you have a good camera and a steady hand you can even take the picture yourself. Give your baby the gift of a completely customized wall art piece by
creating a custom mural from one of your own digital photos.

For best results, always use the largest uncompressed photo file you have. You can email your image to the printing company using regular email. If the photo file is too large for regular email, no worries! Simply use a free online service like YouSendit or Sendthisfile.

You want everything about your newborn's nursery to be picture perfect. With a nursery room mural, baby is happy and Mommy and Daddy get to show off their great taste too!

Shop online today for nursery room wall murals at

Lisa Herbik is the author of this guest blog post and thanks Amy for letting her share about her passion for decorating kids rooms with wall murals!

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You diggin' those murals yet? I totally am. I am super in love with the idea of creating one from your own photo. Ummm....COOL. Couldn't you picture a really beautiful photo on one bathroom wall? 

Well I'll see y'all tomorrow. (p.s. I never, ever say y'all. I live in New England, that's just wrong). 


Anonymous said...

any friend of yours is a friend of mine! those murals are freakin cool... i want one!
ps - carter said it's fine if you post pictures of his room. i wanna see :)))))

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Love new ideas esp when they deal with baby! :)

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