Thursday, September 20

I Believe In

I believe in never buying the same toothpaste twice. What fun is there in that?

I believe in owning a lot of shoes.

I believe in caring more about the needs of others than our own.

I believe in not buying the same deodorant twice. Again, boring.

I believe in makeup. We all look better with it, just accept it. I believe it should be socially acceptable for all men to wear a little too (I know what you're thinking. No, Tom does not wear makeup).

I believe in not using Christian lingo. It kind of reminds me of this video (if you haven't seen it, go pee first so you don't make a mess).

I believe in not being serious in my blog posts 95.6% of the time. You'll get a deep one, one day though, I'm sure of it.

I believe in colorBright, happy ones.

I believe in working hard. 

I believe in being educated. 

I believe in puppies. Especially Boo.

I believe in being afraid of the dark. 

I believe in salted caramels from Whole Foods. I also believe their calories don't count.


Unknown said...

"especially boo" haha love it!

Established: 2008 said...

Man, salted caramels are the best. New follower!

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

HAHAHAHA OMG, that video!!!! Freaking hilarious!

Anonymous said...

omggggg the video is soooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how have i never ever seen that before!?!?!? and boo - oh boo. what an amazing lil guy.

Audra said...

"Go pee first so you don't make a mess"

I am DYING. Hysterical!!

Unknown said...

Ha, ha, it!
Newly following from the blog Hop!!
Kristy @ Cup Of Jo

Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts said...

This is really cool. Glad this was on your top page when I came to visit. I think it's hilarious you do not buy the same deodorant or tooth paste. I have been buying the same deodorant since high school... 9 years later :) Newest follower from the hop!

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