Tuesday, September 4

Your Car Color And You (according to me)

You know sometimes when you're just not feeling a blog post? Can I tell you how many unpublished posts sit in the nowhereland where unpublished posts go? Too many.

This one should probably be sitting there too, but it's not.

What does your car color say about you?

For some reason I believe that twenty/thirty-somethings who drive bright blue cars are caboodles of fun. My sister has a bright blue car and the BFF Reilly drives one too. This color just makes me feel all sorts of happiness. Unfortunately, my car is not blue. Sucks to be me. Well this got me thinking about car colors and what I think about people who drive them. Not people I know, just when I'm out driving with a bunch of air floating through my brain, this is the first thing that pops into my head when I see someone in a nearby car. Please don't be offended, or judge me. Well, judge me if you must (I probably deserve it), but keep it within reason.

White: You are pretty concerned with looking classy and sophisticated. Your pinterest boards bear no color. You have a rhinestone cell phone and quite possibly leopard print yoga pants. (It's fine, I would be OK with owning all of these things).

Black: You think you're cool. Too cool, maybe. If you have black rims you really are too cool.  (You might also share a car with your husband who does not want a white one--this is me.)

Yellow: "Succkkkaass!!!" You say this. In real life. You think you are pretty badass...and you say that a lot too.

Gold: You are either 80 or you didn't care which color you got and just took what was readily available.  (I can say this because I drove a gold SUV for like 5 years. I am not 80).

Silver: You are in your forties and still think silver is the slickest color you can buy even though black is the new silver.

Red: You get pulled over a lot. It's your own fault, really. If you wanted to escape the five ohs you would have thought ahead.

Rusty orange: You have terrible taste and that's all that can be said. There is no hope. You probably also drive a Scion or a Honda Element or one of the other 3 car models that actually come in this color (unless you actually got a custom paint job of this color. there are no words for that.----no----words.)

And we can't forget the beaver stripe: If you are the proud owner of a beaver striped vehicle, I am speechless, I am without speech (--George Costanza). You are awesomer than the 15 Awesomest Boy Bands (yes that is a real show, and yes, I watched it...in it's entirety). If you are not aware of these things called Beaver Stripes (I may have made this name up???) look no further:


Anonymous said...

I'm trying not to take offense because I am a forty something Honda Element driver (both mentioned in your post). But mine is *gulp* GREEN. Like bean green. What say you on that?

Positively Amy said...

haha! Honda Elements are totally fine UNLESS they are rust orange. You're completely safe with a bean green Element. ; ) The Elements and the Scions were the only cars I could think of that I've ever seen in that orange color! Not quite traffic cone, not quite brown.

Suze said...

ahaha that's hilarious. I own a white car that my husband was very opposed to so he got a black car- you are right on the money! Though I don't own leopard yoga pants. But I should!

I also used to drive a beaver-striped mini-van. No shame in my game!

Marianna Dunn said...

haha I love this - and actually agree with you on all of them! Too funny! :)

Delightfully Dunn

Anonymous said...

this is why im obsessssed with you! i love how all of these thoughts went through you head during the day bahaha. you're the best. i drive a dark gray scion TC. i'm never ever ever getting rid of it. even when i have 2 car seats in the back (its a 2-door car). that's how in love with this thing i am.

Andie said...

hahahaha this is awesome. I WANTED a bright royal blue car, but my car only came in dark blue. But it's still blue!!!

My other car was a gold suv and I hated the color but I accepted it because it was what was available- like you said.

Dawnelle @ Just Dawnelle said...

Oh this made me laugh out loud... I have opinions about all different colored cars too but when I try to convey that to my husband just doesn't seem to understand... hahaha

Anonymous said...

OMG, I had a good laugh at this list! I thought you were serious at first! Hehehe! Seriously though, it’s kinda cool to think that just like clothes, our choice of car color can tell something about us and our personality. But hey, it’s always down to personal preference, isn’t it? I’ve seen a girl behind the wheel of a black 4WD Mitsubishi Strada and a guy driving a pink Beetle. That’s personal preference in action for ya!

Paige Meador

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