Monday, September 3

I Have No Brain + FREE Journals

So I've been in need of a journal. I'll be hanging out with the C-Man and suddenly--BAM--a genius blog idea. But I have nowhere to write it down and my computer is either shut down or all the way upstairs. Does this happen to you like every day? Because it does to me.

My other favorite thing is when I'm laying in bed about to fall asleep, and I start dreaming up blog ideas instead. Or genius screenplays, either one. Problem: I never remember them in the morning. Darn it all!!!

So I NEED, need to get a journal. I went to Barnes & Noble the other day and the only ones they had were perfect for pre-teens or boring old men. No semi-cutesy, semi-sophisticated journals for those of us who like a little print, without being all hearts and flowers and doodle bugs, you know?

Well in steps these beauties I found at Paper Coterie. Only problem is I can't decide on one.

I would really like this one, except with a nice big picture of my sweet little boy.

Or this one because it just looks like a blog journal, doesn't it? You know, being all chevron print and all?

Or this one

Or this one

Or this one. 

Gah, there are too many!!

Which one would you pick? Check them out here. Because, guess what? I'm getting one free and you can too because I found a little old code, aren't those lovely? So if you enter code welcomejournal at checkout you're getting yours free (just like me, because I'm making mine now, as soon as I make a final decision on which one I'm getting!) You just have to pay shipping, no bigs. I'm down with that. 

I also really, really need a planner. I just got myself two new freelance jobs (woot woot!) and between those, my regular part time job, and that little gig called being a mom, I really, truly have no brain and I forget everything else in the world (like to RSVP to weddings, or buy birthday know, the things that are actually important and thoughtful?). Once you've hit the point where you start forgetting to do these things you know you need to get your life organized. This is me right now. I'm pretty sure this one is appropriate. It says, "everything I need to REMEMBER." Yes, please. 

Tell me what one you want! I'm mostly settled on the "life is sweet" one...mostly...

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newyearsresolutionexercise said...

I like the one that says Live the Life. That one looks very neat!

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