Thursday, October 18

Say Hello to Concord Button Downs!

Do you buy your husband's/fiance's/boyfriend's clothes? Do you like it when they look good? (I know the answer to this, duh.) Represent a bit of New England in these dapper plaid shirts. High quality and made in America, Concord Button Downs are sure to make all men look a little more studly (if you didn't think it was is).
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Top Five Reasons to Buy Your Man a Concord Button Down

5. Because every man (and we mean every man) looks good in plaid.

4. Because they’re 100% cotton so when we say “feel good about what you wear”, we really mean it.

3. Because they’re timeless.
·         See the Revolutionary War minuteman as the logo? He’s actually wearing a CBD (if you can’t see it, close your left eye and squint hard with your right one, see it now?).

2.  Because they’re made in America
·         Made in America means you’re supporting local families and businesses. It also means you know your clothes aren’t being made in a sweatshop and legal practices are being used to produce them...just another reason(s) to feel good about what you wear!

1.  Because you’re supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.
·         For every Concord Button Down purchased, a small donation is made to Ellen’s Heart and Soul, a local non-profit supporting Breast Cancer Awareness.

·         NOW is the best time to buy a Concord Button Down because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and atop our donation, you’ll receive a complimentary koozie for your man.  (Double-bonus: get your Christmas shopping done early by buying him a shirt and use the koozie as a stocking stuffer OR give the shirt to him before going to your parent’s house for dinner and he can use the koozie to keep his beer cold during the game).

To get your shirt and learn more, visit our website And be sure to like us on Facebook and visit our blog to hear about new products and deals!

You can also follow us on Twitter HERE.

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I don't know about you ladies, but I'm all about Tom looking "lumberjack chic." Is that what Joan Rivers once called it? Off to scope them out...catch ya on the flip side. 


Tarabelle said...

What a great idea for gifts! I know my husband definitely needs a new shirt!


Concord Button Downs said...

Thanks Amy!

Megan@Whimsically Homemade said...

Totally on board with anything that promotes Beast Cancer Awareness! Besides you are right, plaid makes any man look good. Found you through Naptime Review's Operation Fabulous and now following you through GFC.

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

ha. this makes me laugh because last Sunday Dan and I went to a friend's house and we both had plaid on. We didn't even notice until someone commented that we looked like twins. Oops.

Madame Heather said...

I concur on the concord button down!;-)

Found you as part of the Operation Fabulous! Stop by and see me sometime;-)

Heather P.
Spunky Real Deals


Anonymous said...

Stopped by your blog via Naptime Review Operation Fabulous and left you some GFC love and support (#507). I look forward to your visit at mine, PonderWonders, and also getting to know more about you and yours.

~SimplyyMayra :)

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