Monday, October 22

How We Met: Part 2

**Warning: If you absolutely do not care at all how Tom and I met, abort post now. This one may be entirely too awesome for you.***

So where was I? Ah yes, drooling on the bleachers.

So the day of our first date had arrived.

Let me remind you of a few minor details: It was 2005, pretty sure it was March, Tom had seen exactly one picture of me, I had never seen him before in my life.

I was wearing my favorite black pants from Gap, a royal blue 3/4 sleeve shirt, I'm guessing some matching blue flip flops from Old Navy (because that's what I did in high school).

Tom was wearing a light blue and white button up rolled to his elbows (I now know because they were probably too short for his arms), khaki shorts, and white Nike sneakers with a navy blue swoosh. He was also sporting a backward facing navy blue Red Sox hat.

So he drove up the long, steep driveway to my parents' house, which I'm going to guess was kind of intimidating because you can never be too sure about steep driveways. What kinds of people build a house on top of a steep driveway? Do they not like visitors? Do they enjoy watching your lacking-in-four-wheel-drive car spiral downward on ice during the winter? Who knows.
So he knocked on the door (good sign right there--decided to forego the whole, sketchy, I'll wait for you in the car kind of thing) and met my parents first. I'm pretty sure my Dad let out a sigh of relief right about then. Oh--there's also something you should know--my Dad was definitely the clean-your-shotgun-in-front-of-the-boys type. And he cared about two things:
1: a good, firm handshake
and 2: getting me home on time (and by on time he meant at least 15 minutes early--and you had to realize this--without him telling you).

Where was I you ask? Deafly blow drying my hair of course. No idea Tom was there. Eventually my Dad called up to me over the balcony that I should come down--I'm guessing he strategically did not do this immediately after Tom arrived, but Tom seemed un-phased when I came down to meet him so all was fine.

When I reached the bottom of the stairs and turned the two corners into the kitchen, I was unsure if  I had transformed into an oompa loompa on my way down. Tom's head was levitating somewhere above the area where the doorways ended and I was beginning to think I misjudged the meaning of tall.

And so we were off. Our date was anything but boring, but written out minute-for-minute as a blog post, it might seem a bit...lacking. These are the highlights:

1. We saw Land of the Dead (I know what you're thinking--as a first date movie?? well...yup.)
2. We went on all sorts of little excursions having to do with things that I like--that he remembered from phone conversations from weeks previous.
3. He got me home at 10:30 with an 11:00pm curfew (I am almost certain my dad went to sleep with tears of pure joy streaming down his cheeks).

The next few weeks we saw each other more and more. Some mini golfing here, some Boy Meets World marathons know, the yooj. (how do you abbreviate "usual" in writing? I have no idea, I just wrote it how I wanted). We lived off Tyson popcorn chicken and Ken's honey mustard (just the utterance of these two foods make us want to vomit now).

And then, came the time to DTR (Define The Relationship--MTV's Awkward, anyone??)....

Coming up on "How Amy Met Tom":

+Tom's profession of love
+Amy's Rejection

And a season finale sneak peak:

+The Engagement
+The Wedding
+"It's 2 lines!!!" "Are you sure? Take another one,"
+The C-Man's big screen Debut

And some random dating photos:

he liked me for me, not because I sang like......


Nikki said...

Such a cute story!

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

I'm freaking dying with how cute you two are, and this story. Did you say how tall he is in a previous post that I'm forgetting? He looks gi-to-the-normous tall in these pics (unless you're not tall?)! You'll also have to tell me what town (surely nearby) he was from!

That pic of you with the straw up your nose and him laughing in the bathroom is by far my most favorite photo yet :) And your dad crying tears of pure joy? Hilarious!

I've been wondering how to spell yooj. ;-)

Anonymous said...

once again, i want to "like" heather's comment. but OH my GOODDDDDDDD. just stop it. how cute are you guys!?!?!?!?! for some freakin weird reason i have TEARS IN MY EYES. that's just the kind of wackadoo mood im in. ah i love you two. so much.

Sam@Life as Mrs. B said...

Seriously so cute! I love hearing these stories! Thank you for sharing.


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