Thursday, November 1

Baby Shopping + Shameless Plug

Baha, "Baby Shopping." Doesn't that sound like you're going to go out and pick yourself up a real, live baby at Toys R Us?

So sometimes I find myself wanting a second baby just so I can buy all the things on my "second baby list" that I have stored up on one of the many "for the future" lists in my head. Now, obviously these shopping compulsions are not a good reason to have a second child, so I'm just going to preface this post and tell you therefore Carter shall remain an only child for now, and possibly for forever, unless my desire for a second child ever goes beyond shopping (which we all know you have no time for with a baby anyway).

For instance, look at this foot muff. Is this not the prettiest purple you've ever seen? It screams precious baby girl.

And this sleep positioner? Where was this when Carter had colic and had to stay at an incline 24/7 because of his food allergies and constant vomiting?? Could've saved me from buying a hundred other sleepers/bouncy seats

And WHY in the WORLD did I now know about this fantastic little gizmo? It has recorded sounds from INSIDE a mother's womb. Talk about genius. Forget running a fan, a vacuum, and a hair dryer in the middle of the night when times get desperate. Plus, Carter still uses his sound machine at 17 months so this would have been one of those you're actually going to use it for more than two weeks baby purchases.
If you are expecting or have a little newborn--probably this little bear is the best purchase you could ever make. The miracles that those little sound machines produce are mind boggling. These little, sweet, tiny newborn babes would really prefer a train whizzing through the living room while they sleep. This is a lot easier than putting up railroad tracks in your house, I promise. 

Before I leave you, I would just like to include a little shameless plug. You see, the oh so talented Brie from Sophistifunk is holding a Halloween costume contest that we're participating in, and I wouldn't mind at all if you wanted to go over there and vote for us ; )

P.S. Have you seen her shop? Most adorable/trendy/perfect bracelets EVER.


Jelli said...

The violet foot muff is super cute. I also find myself looking at baby goodies now that I'm a mom. I've got a one year-old keeping me busy all day, but I still enjoy daydreaming about another one. Found you from the Mommy Brain Mixer. Nice to meet you, Amy!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

It is amazing how quickly things change!

Unknown said...

Good to know about the sleep positioner!! My son also had Colic! That would have been a LIFE SAVER

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