Tuesday, November 6

Food Allergy Fail + Cool Bracelets

So on Halloween, I was not thinking. We had tons of Halloween candy, but it was all chocolate. Some contained peanuts (peanut butter cups!) and others were made in the same facility as tree nuts. This little (I would guess 3) year old boy came and was trying to pick out candy and kept asking his mom if it was safe. She nicely told him "no" and he picked one anyway that they would later swap for him. I felt HORRIBLE. And so dumb for not having Starbursts or something that kids with nut allergies can have.

We were smart enough to think of Carter and to not get anything contaminated with sesame (which is pretty easy when it comes to Halloween candy), but I should have had nut and dairy free candy since those allergies are so common with kids now!

I can't even explain how bad I felt because it's so sad to see little kids disappointed when they can't have things that all the other kids around them are enjoying.

I'll make sure to do better next year!

In happy allergy news, we have discovered some pretty AWESOME allergy bracelets from Cool Allergy Stuff on Etsy. I'm so excited to tell you guys about these because I love how they have a fun/happy look (something not often associated with food allergies), and they don't just look like medical bracelets (kids will actually want to wear them!). These bracelets are so perfect for kids in day care and in school and once Carter starts school he'll definitely be wearing his every day. Every bracelet has a cute character made out of the allergen.

Carter has the sesame bracelet and his character's name is Teeni Tahini. How cute is that? (If you don't know what tahini is, it is ground sesame seeds and it's in most types of hummus). These bracelets are just what we were looking for, and even better? They're only $6.99. Not a big deal to replace them if they get lost.

The bracelet is great because it has three size settings. It is a tiny bit big on Carter, but he's only one so what can you expect? He liked wearing it and he actually brought it to me the other day to put on for him. ; )

It was tough to keep him still long enough to get a good picture of him inspecting it. This was as good as it got!

There are also bracelets for asthma. pollen, latex and cat allergies. Love how there is something for everyone.Definitely check them out if you deal with serious allergies in your family. I love them!


Unknown said...

Those are so cute! Luckily my kids don't have any allergies we are aware of, but I can see why kids would love those bracelets. :)

Tarabelle said...

These bracelets are pure genius! I absolutely love them! How SMART! And dont dont dont feel bad about the Halloween candy! It's an honest mistake! Im sure the Mom would just love that you care so much. I'm sure she covered for that situation at home by stashing lots of non nut candy.



Unknown said...

I would have never thought about that with trick or treaters! I'll try to keep that in mind next time I get candy for the kiddos!

Unknown said...

Totally going to remember that now with trick or treaters!
Those bracelets are awesome I will have to tell one of the parents at the school about these. So cool! :)
We gotta keep our little ones safe!


Amy said...

Thanks for the reminder! I so would not have thought to make sure to have allergy friendly candy on Halloween, but you're so right! Allergies are sooo common these days.

And I love the bracelet! I used to work in a day care center, and I know it would have been so helpful to have those cute bracelets on kids as a friendly reminder!

Hope you're having a great day! :)

Vintage Romance Style said...

Love the Idea of these bracelets! New follower and love your blog!


Peacock said...

It's such a good idea. I'm sure it's going to be helpful for those who doesn't know that he is allergic but it's also a great reminder for those forgetful ones. Great blog!

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Ahh I saw those bracelets somewhere - can't remember where - but holy cute! What a fabulous idea! Teeny Tahini. I die.

It's funny - before I had Benjamin, I'd read stories online about moms putting flyers (before Halloween) in their neighbor's mailboxes, listing their kids' allergies and also listing appropriate candy, and thought it was absolutely absurd. While that's still kind of rude, I totally get it now! Poor kids these days with all the allergies! I'm terrified to give Ben peanut butter for the first time. I'll probably put it off til he's 30.

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