Friday, November 23

I went out on Black Friday + AD SALE

It was fun. We went out at midnight and stayed out for a few hours. Got a few good things. Nothing crazy. The thought of standing in those huge Best Buy lines gives me anxiety. Makes me want to up-chuck turkey a little.

Carter is hilarious these past few days. Overtired, delirious baby = hilarity. Yelling, running, laughing, pure craziness.

We waited outside of Dick's Sporting Goods for it to open at midnight. People started lining up at 11:57. What? There were only 40 of them. Please tell me what the point is of waiting in line in front of Dick's. Are we all going to sprint to the back and have a free for all for the kayaks? I don't get it.

I waited in the car and just walked in when the doors opened. Genius over here.

Before you go, WAIT.  Huge sale on ads for Black Friday! Just use code BLACKFRIDAY (I'm so original) for 60% off ALL ad spaces!

Hope your Thanksgiving was delicious. Peace (I love to end my posts awkwardly. It's a good time).

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Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

Have to admit I have never done a Black Friday but next year..I have to try it once right?


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