Friday, February 22

Friday's Letters: Sweatpants, Zulily, Oscars


Dear Soy Creamer,
Sorry I put you in the cupboard last night and you got all warm. That was really unfortunate.

Dear Carter,
You are so crazy when you get to run free in the mall. I'd also like to thank you for pointing out an advertisement of a blonde Victoria's Secret model and shouting "Mama! Mama!" That was hilarious, embarrassing, and flattering all at the same time; although, I know you just thought it was me because of the hair. I'll take it anyway, though.

Dear iMac,
Your beauty stuns me. I stayed up way too late ogling you. We are going to be great friends, you and I.

Dear Sore Throat,
Get the hell out of here.

Dear Old College Sweatpants,
You are just the thing I need on a partially sick, lazy kind of day. Thanks for being huge, warm and awesome.

Dear Zulily,
Thanks for having TOMS for sale. I can't wait for Carter's ash grey pair to come! (PS today is the last day for the TOMS sale, so you best get on that if you haven't already--do you know how cute little kids are in TOMS??)

Dear Oscars,
The best part about you isn't even you (although you're all right too). It's the fact that an extra awesome episode of Fashion Police will be on after you.

Have a good weekend, friends!


Jodi said...

I love the Oscars and I'm so sad that I bought concert tickets for Sunday night. Watching them on the DVR just won't be the same. Oh well.

Unknown said...

You know, I have never seen the Oscars? I really have tried, but get so board at the red carpet part. It's so long winded.

Anyway, I hope that sore throat went away. That's so annoying. I hope you are feeling better.

Have fun watching the Oscars. I think I will take in some Big Bang Theory or tennis!

Unknown said...

Oops, forgot to subscribe

Unknown said...

I love that you have the courage to post your innermost thoughts! So funny : ) I hope you enjoyed the oscars!


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

So funny! Hope you enjoyed the Oscars!

♥ Talia

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