Tuesday, February 26

Mommy Confessions

1. You know those month stickers that moms put on their babies to document their growth as they get older? Yeah, I did it once. Woops. #momfail Here's the one and only time Carter wore a month sticker:

2. I swear to you that ever since I've allowed Carter to play with the iPad and watch Veggie Tales videos (VT is the only thing he will watch, he refuses all else),  he has been talking so much more. I know it's because he's getting older, but sometimes I wonder..... ; )

3. I'm kind of eeehhh about the name "Not Your Average Baby Blog." I've been ready to buy a domain for like the last 6 months, but I cannot decide on a name! I'm horrible at naming things (other than children), which brings me to #4.

4. Sometimes I find myself wanting a second child, and then I realize that it's only because I want to name another baby. Picking out names is SO MUCH FUN.

5. Back to #3. The reasons I'm not so with it on NYABB are as follows: a) it's long and I prefer short names b) what if I don't have a second child and then people think they're getting all this great baby info and they're sorely disappointed to find that I no longer have a baby of my own (well, at 5 he'll still be a baby to me, but probably not to anyone else)? I don't know. I'm thinking of coming up with a list of potential blog names and perhaps you can give me your feedback??

6. Sometimes I want to hide in a corner and read Twilight again (I'm obsessed with those books--huge dork over here) instead of playing kitchen. Don't get me wrong, I love playing kitchen and I LOVE spending time with the C-Man, but you can only slice velcro fruit for so long...

Also, just so you know how huge of a dork I am...I had the strangest dream last night and I'm going to share it with you. I'm going to preface it and tell you that I've been sick, and I always have weird dreams when I'm sick.

So my dream was that I was Bella Swan (yup) and I was running up a dirt hill talking to Renee on the phone. I was yelling at her and telling her the least she could do was get me a new iPhone because I never saw her. I didn't want the iPhone for myself, I was secretly planning to give it to Dawson Leary because his broke and his mom wouldn't let him get a new one. Whoa. Twilight + Dawson's Creek in one dream = ????

Linking up with Heather and Megan today. Get on over there.

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Gina Horkey said...

I haven't heard a "Dawson's Creek" reference in awhile...

You can help name my baby:-) We chose not to find out the gender, but are due June 30th (with #2). We like unique, but not crazy-made-up-weird-spelling-unique names. Our first child's name is Braxton.

Anyone else that wants to weigh in on it, stop by www.runningafterbabiez.blogspot.com

Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

Bahahaha ... I loved reading the Twilight books.

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Sarah said...

Twilight and Dawson's creek in one dream yes please! :) I'll vote on a blog name, although I don't dislike the name you have :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Second babies are pretty fun though :)

Candis @Candis-Bo-Bandis said...

I want a second baby so I can buy more baby clothes! My son is only 6 months, (but he has enough clothes for each size up to 24 months… It's a bad addiction).


Marianna Dunn said...

haha I love this! And I love your blog name - I get your point on being short and sweet but I think it's great, even if you do only have the one baby!

Marianna Dunn said...

haha I love this! And I love your blog name - I get your point on being short and sweet but I think it's great, even if you do only have the one baby!

noel bressler said...

Loved your list! I totally hear ya on the blog name...not that I think the title isn't awesome, but it kinda keeps it to a specific topic, like you were saying. I chose my name so that I could go in a couple different directions..."high heeled" keeps me relevant for my other fashion bloggers, and "mama" for my mommy crew :) Happily following along, look forward to seeing some of your new name selections!

allison said...

I absolutely agree with number 4!

Jodi said...

Ok I LOVE those monthly stickers and a few years ago (before they were popular) I use to give them to everyone as baby gifts. Too funny that you only took 1 pic.

I think changing your blog name to something you like better is a good idea. I have no suggestions for you as I'm not very creative hence my blog name being my first name/nickname! Good luck!

Missed you last night. Hope you can still make it to our mini-meet up on March 16th.

Unknown said...

I was actually JUST thinking that I wanted to curl up and read Twilight. Or 50 Shades.
Or both.
Wah, I need more books!
Megan @ thememoirsofmegan.com

Audra said...

PERFECT! I need you to name my second daughter for me. Our first is Emerson, and that was my all-time favorite girl name, and now for girl #2 I am STUMPED! I prefer longer names that can have nicknames, because our last name is so short. She's due in 10 weeks and we have NO idea what we're going to name her!

Kelly said...

This is such a great list - I had a really hard time picking out a blog name too and I decided I did not want something more than three words because then people start to shorten it and acronyms are just really not my thing!

Sparkles and Shoes

Jess Norden said...

We used the monthly stickers, but they don't stay on him longer enough to take pictures anymore, so you're not missing anything. ;)

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

Hahaha this is probably one of my favorite posts ;-) First, OMG, baby freaking Carter. I just about died right there with the picture alone. Second, don't even tease me with a potential baby #2 because I get WAY too jazzed about bloggy pregnancies. Like overload (Did I ever tell you that Carter was on our boy name list?). Third, legit, I'm a freak and spend way too much time thinking about blogland stuff, and for real tonight before I even read this post - in a random daydream - I was wondering about NYABB and the eventual lack of a baby someday! What a wierdo. Except I really like the name NYABB. Dilemmas, dilemmas. #blogproblems

Shellsea said...

#5 Look forward to hearing your blog names.

I love picking kid names too! I have a list of favorites in order, and I get to use one in two weeks! Woo.

Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...

Dawson would download soooo many movie apps!

I literally think this is the best thing I've read all week...read it in my reader a couple days ago and just had to come back and comment and tell you just how spectacular this was.

You kill me.

Breenah said...

I swear the only reason I want another kid is so it's hopefully a boy and I can use the name I've had decided since I was 15.

Tara said...

Dawson's Creek + Twilight dream = the best thing I've heard today. Seriously, awesome. I never did the monthly sticker photos with Ezra. I don't understand how people are that on the ball with those things. They must have secret mama ninja skills that I will never possess. Oh, well. I've got tons of cute photos of my child covered in food and that's gotta count for something. :)

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