Tuesday, February 19

Sick Boy + Comforting Things

Carter woke up this morning with a fever. It's always a sad day when that happens. He's been lounging on the couch and really not doing much in general. His only source of happiness today is the iPad and his dog lovey, who is aptly named Doggy Blanky (we are original, I know). 

I thought, that since he isn't feeling so good, I'd come up with a few little items that would be comforting for sick kiddos. #1 and #4 also play soothing music, which is always a nice addition on sick days.

baby items

1-4 can be purchased at Baby Lurve 5

I think the sheep and the giraffe would be my first choice. Or quite possibly the Aden + Anais issie bamboo security blankets. Have you felt their bamboo products? So soft you could cry, seriously. 

Baby Lurve also has lots of other sleep "friends" with night lights and music. We were always in need of those. The bear and seahorse ones are particularly adorable. 

I have a few other things to tell you today. 

I am meeting Andrea from Glam Hungry Mom and Jodi from Jodi Bean's Blog at a Boston Bloggers event on Monday! That is less than a week away! I am beyond excited to meet them! Stop by and check out their fabulousness ; )

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And if you haven't entered the $100 Target gift card giveaway, you should probably take part in that as well. Target is always a good time. 

This post is supported by Baby Lurve. 


Unknown said...

Awe Ive been sick too and I might need a plush toy as well! Your little man is completely adorable. Are we following each other yet?



Jodi said...

Even when Carter is sick he is still adorable! I hope he feels much better soon. And thank God for the iPad!! So excited for the blogging event and can't wait to meet you guys.

Tara said...

So sorry Carter isn't feeling well. But yet, even sick he is utterly adorable.

Kelly said...

Aww, I hope he gets well soon and it is amazing how stuffed animals always seem to help!

Sparkles and Shoes

Anonymous said...

'Doggy Blanky' is almost as original as my cat named Kitty haha. I hope your boy feels better soon! Although he's even adorable when he's not feeling well!

Unknown said...

Hope he feels better!

Bonnie Rose | The Compass Rose

Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

I hate when the little ones are sick. You just wish you could take it all away.
Hope Carter feels better soon!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Unknown said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. He is so sweet. I'm sorry the little guy is sick. I am so glad he has his blanky to help him feel better.

How is he feeling now?

Just curious, what the heck is#2

Positively Amy said...

@Lisa it's an elephant! haha it's more for newborns because of the bright colors and different textures.

He is feeling a little better today, but still has a fever. we had a quiet day on the couch!

Lins @ Country Roots City Living said...

Aww he looks so sad! :( I hope he gets to feeling better soon! Our oldest son has been sick this week also. He has scored strep AND Flu A...can you say jealous?!?! HA HA I've been going around lysoling the house like crazy so our 2 yr old won't get it! BTW we have a "lion blankey" named Lion. We are pretty original over here too! HA HA :)

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