Thursday, April 18


I have a problem. I procrastinate over the stupidest things of all time. Like with ordering birthday invitations, and proofreading anything (even though I basically majored in proofreading in college), and picking out pictures for anything--I've wanted to order some photo canvases basically since Carter was born, but I can't make a decision if it involves photos of any kind. I'm going to be a grandmother by the time I decide which baby photos should be turned into canvases.

And fixing my nails. Why do I walk around with chipped nail polish for over a week? Why is it so hard to at least remove my nail polish, even if I'm not going to paint them again right away? Is it really that difficult?

Why is floor washing such a necessity? Once I realize the floors needs to  be washed again, it takes me a good two weeks of staring at them every day and watching Carter eat Cheerios off the floor to suck it up and just do it. It only takes 15 minutes with a steam mop for goodness' sake.

Someone hire me a maid (and a proofreader and invitation orderer) and let's get it over with.

On the bright side, we have a cookout to go to this weekend! This means I'm actually going to make my hair presentable and take my highlights after picture. My whole highlights post is just waiting for an after picture. If I didn't include one you'd think the whole thing was a sham and I was secretly hoping you'd all just ruin your hair, wouldn't you? I'm also excited about waking up a little early on Saturday to spend way too long on my makeup. It's been SO LONG since I've had time to myself on a Saturday morning. It's the little things. Which brings me to something else. Things that make me happy are the tinniest, littlest, most insignificant (to others) things on the planet, yet they have a way of making my day one million times better.

Like when Tom bring me an iced coffee home from work even when I didn't ask for it. Or when Carter randomly stops whatever he's doing and attacks me with a huge hug, or when I realize that it's been two whole weeks since I waxed my eyebrows and they still look pretty darn good. Or when I'm in line at a store and find awesome candy that makes me nostalgic for long drives in the car--you know, like the striped zebra bubble gum with the tattoo wrappers (thanks Old Navy) and mallow cups (Joann's Fabric!), and remember that weird liquid candy that turned into gum and it came in a toothpaste tube on a necklace? That stuff was weird and I'd probably hate it now, but I'd like to know where I can get some of that nasty toothpaste candy.

And now I'm going to continue to procrastinate. I'll probably go do something dumb like make dinner for my family instead of starting the 18,000 tasks I could be accomplishing.

Later, dudes.

dropping rocks in the drain

discovering dandelions 


Mademoiselle Michael Blog said...

So, I actually heard that people who procrastinate don't do it because they are lazy or anything like that, but rather it's actually because they're spontaneous. So when the spontaneous types are inspired, they can do things very fast and very well. I'll have to see if I can find the source/article!

You do a great job being a mom, wife, friend, encourager, writer, beauty artist, and newly minted business owner!

Okay, so I've had chipped nail polish for at least a week and a half. Why? No clue. I've had plenty of time to pain them!!

Kelly said...

I agree, I am bad about procrastinating about the little things!

Sparkles and Shoes

Unknown said...

is this the liquid bubble gum?

April Grant said...

When you're a stay at home mom, it's so easy to procrastinate because you always feel like there will be time to do it later. You are not alone!

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