Monday, May 13

$60 to Amazon or PayPal: Your Choice!

Hi friends! Happy belated Mother's Day to all you women with kidlings out there. I was too busy spending time with my child and husband so I didn't get around to Twitter and whatnot.

But today there is something I DID get around to, and that, my friends, is a fantastic giveaway. Why? Because they're fun. And I disregard all negative opinions (who even has those?) on the matter.

Oh, P.S. I'm really excited for you to read my confessions posts for tomorrow (those are my favorite). There are some good ones in there--along with a little creative writing "piece." Come'll be sorry if you miss it.

But I'm babbling. On to the giveaway!

Take some time to visit these awesome participants (I've highlighted their best qualities so you can navigate them with ease. You're welcome).

Positively Amy (host)
Lemon and Line (cutest nautical bracelets I've ever seen)
Reagan's Toy Chest (fantastic, high quality, children's toys)
Marine Wife, Mommy and Life (her blog title says it all)
The Serena Saga (girl's got fabulous style)
Life and Everything Else in Between (a lifestyle blog with a focus on giving back and helping others)
Super Mommy (awesome kid focused crafts and recipes!)

Thanks for participating! This is one little way that I like to promote my sponsors and friends!


Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

So glad I could be part of your giveaway again mama!!
Thank you!

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Anonymous said...

Amazing contest. ^^ I'm very excited. Thank you for the chance. <3

Things Susan Loves said...

That you for the wonderful contest!

wigget said...

awesome giveaway, thanks!

alena said...

great giveaway thanks for the chance

Gaby G said...


Can you please give me the instagram Super Mommy link?

Mariana said...

thanks for the chance... the contest ends right on my birthday... should this be a sign?:)fingers crossed...

Audrey18 said...

Thanks for this giveaway!!!
I made a mistake..
I already follow LEEIB on Google Plus as Adriana Sorrentino, I wrote in the rafflecopter Audrey18 but on Google plus I'm Adriana Sorrentino. Sorry!


Anonymous said...

i love cash i need it so badly


Thanks for the giveaway, completed all except Instagram, had a bad experience with them so I closed my account

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