Wednesday, May 1

Makeup Looks + A Hair Tutorial

This weekend (before I became deathly ill) I had some fun playing around with makeup. Here are some photos from all of the fun that ensued:

And then we got a little dramatic:

You know what pairs famously with makeup looks like these? CURLS--duh!

Below is a little tutorial on getting gorgeous curls (in a pretty quick + easy way, if I might add). Also, if you watch to the end you can enter a sweepstakes by submitting your email address. 

What do you think of the makeup? Yay? (please don't say nay...) We've been booking weddings steadily at Beauty Mavens and I could NOT BE MORE EXCITED!!!

Sweeps rules:
Prizes & Promotions page on


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, you have the prettiest eyes! Love how you did your make-up too.

Danica Stark said...

lovely eyes

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Danica Stark

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