Tuesday, October 28

Gandolf Spider Shoes

Am I the only one who hates talenti gelato? It's SO sweet. I mean there's good ice cream sweet and then there's so-sweet-I-want-to-gag sweet. Why does everyone love it? It's really not that good.

Carter whipped an old curtain rod out of the closet the other day and told me he is Gandolf. He's so awesome.

My worst fear happened the other night. I was lying in bed staring into the darkness that would be the ceiling if I could peer directly through the darkness...when a super fast, scurrying spider crawled up my shoulder and across my chest when I violently flicked it away and snapped on my bedside light. And then it scurried UNDER the sheet under my duvet and I almost heart attacked as I whipped the blankets back and slammed the &!?@"$#*! spider with a book. 

What was he thinking? Had I been 40 years older and my arteries 80% more blocked I could have DIED. Then how would he feel? I showed him. Have fun scurrying around in spider heaven (hell).
Also, we have a lady bug epidemic in our house right now. I wish them all a grizzly, slow death of spinning in my vacuum cleaner. Not the biggest insect fan currently. 

On a brighter note, check out my shoes. These were from my grandma and now that I've displayed my current little collection, I can't wait to hunt for more at the flea market next year. They're all over the place. I collect these little shoes (and tea cups!) and Carter collects little porcelain salt and pepper shakers. I know. Best flea marketers ever. 

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Unknown said...

I love that you collect little shoes! My grandmother and I have a thing about her shoe collection with very similar styles!! xo - Allie @ Peachfully Chic

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